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10 Reasons to Use Clay Masks

10 Reasons to Use Clay Masks

Here is our rundown of 10 reasons to use Clay Masks


1. Protects against skin diseases

Clay masks can decrease bacterial growth on the skin. However, that does not mean it wipes out all the bacteria as certain bacteria can be good for humans. Rather it simply regulates their numbers. Clay masks make it possible for the bacterial population to normalize in due course. These products can cure diseases such as psoriasis, dermatitis, and eczema if used regularly.


2. Excellent for hydration of dry skin 

Although you may have clear skin, it needs proper care, especially being the biggest organ of the body. Your skin loves to be moisturized and you should make sure it gets it in adequate quantity.

Have you ever experienced scaly, dry skin having an ashy look? It likely requires moisture badly. Fortunately for you, your skin can be hydrated by applying a clay mask.

It is, however, imperative to note that stopping dryness can be achieved by only certain varieties of clay. Watch out for clay masks that have glycerine and hyaluronate in their ingredient list. These are popular hydrating compounds.


3. Clay masks have anti-microbial characteristics. 

Hydrated clay can also have an important part to play in the regulation of microscopic life on the skin. If applied to the skin and allowed to dry, the clay can stick to the bacteria. It will then extract the dead bacteria cells out while washing your face.


4. An excellent solution for oily skin 

Oily skin may lead to various skin-related problems, as you all must be aware. The clay mask can solve several of these problems. For instance, it has detoxifying capabilities giving the skin a matte-like texture.

These masks can easily absorb the extra oil on the skin. Thus, these products can bring down the excessive shine that you hate on your skin. Relax and be assured that such problems will soon be forgotten when you regularly apply clay masks.


5. Your skin is protected from breaking out 

Although many of you are aware of this, we would still like to point out that you may face issues if you permit the building-up of debris on the skin. Problems such as pores getting enlarged and rough skin are some of the issues you may face because of this.

When your pores become large, it also means that more oil can get accumulated. That can create a favorable condition for bacterial growth. Finally, these can lead to breakouts, and your skin becomes more vulnerable to acne. Regular use of clay masks will avoid all these problems. Your skin is less likely to have acne.


6. Clay masks can brighten the skin 

Are you wondering why your skin is looking so dull today? It is time to shop for a quality clay mask and use it. It’s possible that your skin appears dull as pores have got clogged up, hiding the actual appearance of your skin. It could be happening due to a lack of exfoliation and skin maintenance.

Mask has been observed that applying a clay mask for just 10 minutes several times a week can drastically improve your skin health. Your skin will start looking fresh and bright once again.

Clay Masks
Clay Masks Benefits to Your Skincare Routine











7. It is helpful in clearing the skin 

Your skin has to face different kinds of pollutants like dust, oil, dirt, and other impurities throughout the day. These get accumulated on the skin, eventually making it rough. Your pores start having a large appearance as well.

These impurities can kill your skin cells because they pile up on the surface of the skin. If you do not deal with them in a timely manner, your skin may experience a breakout soon.

Exfoliation is highly recommended because of this important reason on a regular basis. It can clean your skin and remove any pollutants, which can otherwise stick around.

While it may appear disgusting, it is natural and everyone goes through it. So, in case you observe all of a sudden that your skin has not been glowing the way it used to earlier, you know what you need to do. Get a clay mask and start applying it regularly.



8. Regulates the production of sebum 

Our skin naturally secretes sebum. Sebum is an oily material secreted to prevent dryness of the skin. However, in several scenarios, the immune system of our body can be under excessive stress or hyper-activated. These are situations when our bodies can start producing more sebum than necessary.

The extra sebum may lead to your skin becoming oilier. As a result, you can face many skin-related issues such as skin blemishes, whiteheads, blackheads, and acne. Adjusting the lifestyle and diet of a person is crucial while inspecting the root cause of the excessive production of sebum.

However, clay masks can also come in handy to reduce the signs by absorbing the extra sebum.


9. Made With Organic products

In contrast to many other cosmetic products, clay masks are known to have the least side effects. That is because they are usually fully organic. These products do not constitute any artificial chemical compounds, which may irritate the skin. It is quite obvious that clay masks create an anti-inflammatory effect. They can work to bring down skin inflammation.


10. Oxygenating the skin cells 

Clay masks can not only clean the surface of your skin but also enables more oxygen to reach the living skin cells as it can unclog your closed pores. The increased oxygen supply can be useful for cell rejuvenation and skin tissue. It also has a better impact on circulation and thus leads to healthier skin.


Why are clay masks good for oily skin types?

Clay masks are not only appropriate for oily skin but are also good for shiny t-zones or combination skin. It is because clay can soak extra oil from the surface of the skin.

A well-formulated clay mask will make your skin shine-free without making it tight or dry. Clay masks are a powerhouse of different minerals such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, and minerals.

Applying a clay mask to the oil and dirt trapped in your pores will absorb so that the greasy texture that can be removed. These masks also help to increase skin elasticity, thus helping reverse aging.