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3 Benefits Of Choosing A Vegan Shampoo

Going vegan has become a modern umbrella term, now encompassing a variety of lifestyles. Introducing our latest skincare gab: 3 Benefits Of Choosing A Vegan Shampoo. Most people associate veganism with quitting meat and cheese, but there’s more to it than just nutritional diets. Vegans believe that a holistic approach is necessary to truly make a change, which is why various vegan beauty products are now making a mark. One of the most heavily sought-after products are vegan shampoos.

Vegan hair care has come a long way, as it now focused on going beyond just advocacy saving the planet—it also allows users to achieve the best possible hair health. Vegan shampoos fully embody this benefit, making it a good start to a vegan journey. Reading this 3 Benefits Of Choosing A Vegan Shampoo is a great start too!

Vegan shampoos are essentially cruelty-free, which means that no animals were used nor harmed during production. As a plant-based formula, you also make sure that your hair enjoys the right amount of nourishment and care, keeping it fresh and bouncy.


Benefits of Vegan Shampoo

If you still wish to learn more about vegan shampoos before making the switch, we’ve gathered all the reasons you should. Discover the benefits of going full-on vegan with us, as well as doing our best for the planet:

Benefit #1: It’s good for the environment

You’re doing your part!

Your current favorite shampoo bottles may smell divine, but they likely come with harsh ingredients, which can easily become toxic waste being poured down the drain. Your drains essentially lead to the oceans, affecting the vibrant marine life slowly being replaced by plastic and other wastes.

By switching to a vegan shampoo, however, you make sure to keep things light and friendly with Mother Nature. Without all the toxic chemicals, your shampoo waste can never harm the environment.

Benefit #2: It’s best for your hair care routine

You’re getting the right amount of TLC

Unfortunately, most commercial shampoos contain silicone, parabens, and even sodium sulfate. These are not only harmful to the environment but also to your hair follicles. They eventually eat at their healthy states, causing further hair fall, breakage, and other hair issues that may end up being irreversible.

With a vegan shampoo, however, your hair gets all the love it needs and deserves. With all-natural and plant-based ingredients like peppermint, coconut oil, and rosemary, your hair will cease suffering from dullness and breakage, with the right touch of shine to keep it looking picture-perfect.

Benefit #3: It keeps you away from chemical harm

You’re safe from harmful ingredients

Apart from breakage and hair fall, commercial shampoos can also affect the health of your scalp. In the worst cases, people experience itching and swelling of the scalp, even going as far as affecting the back of the neck and forehead. Most shampoos are made with allergy-causing substances. These likely lead to your redness and blotchiness.  

Thankfully, vegan shampoos exist to end this allergic reaction. They’re made to be hypoallergenic solutions, perfect for your sensitive skin. It’s time to say goodbye to commercial products, and yes to the best like Shampoo is Betta by Lowen’s!


Going vegan is something that falls under the category of self-care, but focusing on specific details like hair care can take the vegan lifestyle up a notch. A greener and cleaner lifestyle means embracing everything good for you and the environment, especially when it comes to the cleansing products that you use. When it comes to your hair, plant-based products must be your priority every single time.

For the best vegan biodegradable shampoo, Lowen’s has you covered. We are a family-owned and operated skincare company with an unparalleled pharmaceutical background. We make sure you have the best possible formulas. To boot, we’re proudly EWG Verified too! It’s the family’s best, from our doors to yours. Order your new favorites today!

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3 Benefits Of Choosing A Vegan Shampoo