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Aloe Vera Tips

Adding Aloe Vera Gel to Your Skincare Routine

Aloe vera is a houseplant that offers more benefits than just adding beauty and life to your space. It is rich in nutrients that boost your immune system and improve your digestion. 


At present, aloe vera is now a staple ingredient in many natural skincare products. Some who have this at home take advantage of its health benefits by extracting the gel directly from the plant, then applying it on their face, skin, and hair. 


Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy from making aloe vera gel an essential part of your natural vegan skincare routine:


1. Moisturizes your skin effectively


Commercially-available moisturizers effectively keep your skin smooth, but they sometimes leave a greasy film on your face and skin. If you’re looking for a better alternative, consider using aloe vera gel as a moisturizing gel. It doesn’t leave any residue, and it unclogs your pores and relieves your dry skin.


2. Helps you eliminate blemishes


Aloe vera fights skin inflammation, reduces redness, and boosts your skin cell reproduction. It can also be turned into an easy-to-create home remedy for glowing skin by adding some lemon juice to the gel. It will help minimize your freckles and lighten your age spots. 


Another way to add aloe vera to your skincare regimen is by using it as a toner. Our Get Toned! Vegan Aloe Vera Toner is a simple facial toner that contains only eight ingredients, including lavender floral water, glycerin, Hydresia, and panthenol. It has an ethically sourced North American aloe vera powder that helps remove excess dirt and oil on your face. You will automatically feel refreshed and enjoy having a hydrated face after using it.


3. Soothes sunburn and wound healing


Aloe vera gel is popularly used as a natural remedy for sunburn because it is rich in antioxidants and minerals and has anti-inflammatory and cooling properties. Applying this gel adds a protective layer to your skin that boosts the healing process and helps retain moisture. It is also one of the most natural remedies for burns, cuts, and other injuries, especially for first-degree and second-degree burns. It is because it is known to get absorbed by the epidermis quickly.


4. Reduces acne and skin infection 


Acne is a common skin problem among teenagers and adults. Having a persistent pimple problem can lead to low self-esteem that can affect how you generally behave, relate with others, and socialize with your peers.


If you are looking for an effective treatment, consider applying aloe vera gel on your skin, as this can promote gentle cleansing. The gel acts as an antiseptic that fights against bacteria and effectively treats your pimples. It also contains gibberellins and polysaccharides that minimize redness, reduces inflammation, and promotes cell growth. You can also use it to address skin infection as it can flush out dirt, microbes, and excess sebum.




Aloe vera now serves more than just a houseplant, and its gel can be a part of your natural beauty regimen! It offers many health benefits, especially to the face, hair, and skin, which is why adding it to your skincare routine is advisable. Regardless of your skin concerns, applying it regularly to your desired treatment areas can enhance your appearance and boost your well-being.


If you’re looking for a natural skincare product that contains aloe vera, consider shopping at our store. Our vegan aloe vera toner is also available in the US. Order now!