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Lips Drying Out? Read This Guide!

Top 4 Reasons Why Your Lips are Drying Out – What to Know

As if caring for your face is not demanding enough, you may wake up one day to realize that your lips need some TLC as well. 


Dealing with dry, chapped lips is never fun as it is often difficult to find an effective solution for it. On top of that, there may be days where you’ll find the edges of your mouth peeling and even bleeding! 


We know that having cracked, flaky lips can be frustrating, so we’re here to help you out! When it comes to dealing with this dilemma, you should know that the best approach is to determine the root of the problem. On that note, here are four of the many factors that can cause dry lips: 


1. Cosmetic Use 


Unfortunately, regular lipstick use can make your lips look shrivelled. You may experience the same effect if you have recently had lip tattooing as well. These two activities can be quite harsh to your kissers, causing them to lose moisture and dry up. 


You can bring back life to your lips by being mindful of your cosmetic use. However, if you must use lipstick regularly, see to it that you’re using the best one for dry lips. Don’t forget to remove your makeup after each use; apply a soothing organic lip balm as well for the best results!   


2. Dehydration 


As soon as you start to feel your lips become dry and flaky, take it as a sign that you must drink water. 


Cosmetics matters aside, it pays to remember that dry lips could also be a sign of dehydration. The reason behind your lifeless kissers could simply be that you aren’t taking in enough liquids throughout the day. Remember, the best practice is to drink 6-8 glasses of water daily. However, if you have performed continuous outdoor activities, you may need to drink more than this. 


3. Licking Your Lips Constantly 


If you have the habit of licking your lips every time it starts to feel dry, it’s best to break it as soon as possible.  


Doing this actually causes your lips to lose moisture. This is because you are essentially coating your lips with a layer of saliva—the same substance that your mouth uses to digest food. The enzymes present in it will only lead to further dryness.


Rather than licking your lips, explore healthier and more refreshing ways to moisturize your lips, like trying out cool lip balm flavours!


4. Poor Sleeping Habits 


Bad sleeping habits or nasal congestion as you sleep may force you to breathe through your mouth. Other conditions include snoring and sleep apnea. All of these are common causes of drying lips as well. 


With these conditions, the air you breathe passes through your lips instead of your nostrils. It is for this reason that you wake up to find your mouth and lips uncomfortably parched. 


Keeping your lips moist throughout the day and before you go to bed will help. However, it is still best to see a doctor to treat your condition and effectively prevent your lips from drying. 




Dealing with chapped lips can be frustrating, especially if you’ve been trying various remedies to no avail. The bright side is that this is not a hopeless case; you may just be trying out inappropriate solutions. To effectively bring back moisture to your lips, it’s best to understand what’s causing them to dry out first. Once you’ve gotten to the root of the problem, it’ll be easy-peasy to achieve fuller, livelier kissers! 


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