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Five Ways Lip Balm Can Protect Your Lips This WInter

5 Best Ways Lip Balm Can Prevent Cracked Lips During Winter Season

Suffer from cracked lips? Lip Balm to the rescue!

Winter is one of the best seasons because it’s the ideal time to enjoy a cup of hot cocoa, get cozy under your blanket, and watch some Netflix. It also gives you a wonderful opportunity to wrap yourself in fashionable scarves, comfy cardigans, and fuzzy socks. But as the temperature drops, your lips suffer. In fact, the winter season is notorious for inspiring a cracked lips pandemic. Not a very good look indeed. You, therefore, need to start taking extra care of your lips!

Your lips have a thin and delicate layer of skin, which means they require special care, especially during winter. They can easily dry up and get chapped. Here are some tips for protecting them during the year’s coldest months:


1. Drink lots of water


Dehydration can cause dry, cracked, and torn lips. You can easily prevent this by drinking plenty of fluids to maintain your soft, moist lips, especially during winter. You can also combat dry air indoors and moisten the air in your home using a humidifier.


2. Limit highly processed foods and drinks


Your diet may affect your lips’ health. If you are suffering from chapped lips, maintain a healthy diet and limit highly processed foods and drinks, especially those with a high amount of salts. That’s because excess sodium can contribute to dehydration and may worsen your lips’ condition.


3. Avoid licking and biting your lips


Licking your lips can make your lips dry out faster because saliva has enzymes that can irritate your lips. Another bad habit you should break is biting your lips when they start peeling or getting flaky. Treat your lips instead with a certified organic lip balm to keep them soft and moisturized.


4. Exfoliate and moisturize


Dry lips during winter can be effectively treated by gentle exfoliation. This process lets you remove flaky skin from your lips. Supplement this method with regular moisturizing using a quality lip balm to get the soft, moisturized lips you’ve always wanted.


5. Use a vegan lip balm


Lip balm is a go-to essential to protect your lips from drying out or becoming chapped, especially during winter. But instead of using the regular one, opt for the vegan variety because they offer more health benefits. They are filled with vitamins and antioxidants that provide better nourishment, repair damage from sun exposure, and give more protection from any further damage.


Vegan lip balms also contain fewer and natural ingredients, which help you exactly know what you put onto your skin. They have all-natural components that have a much lesser negative impact on the environment. Since they are completely cruelty-free, you are also assured that the products you use don’t involve harming any animal during their manufacturing process. 


Plus, vegan lip balms come in various flavours that can motivate you to stay consistent in caring for your lips during winter. You can find donut-flavored lip balms and salted caramel-flavored lip balms to add some fun to your winter lip care routine!




Your lips are prone to cracking, drying out, and becoming chapped during winter because of the decreased amount of humidity in the air. Aside from looking unappealing, flaky lips can cause painful bleeding when left untreated. Fortunately, you can keep your lips protected from the harsh weather and maintain their softness by following the tips mentioned in this guide. 


Keep your lips moisturized even the harshest of weather with cruelty-free lip balms. Here at Lowen’s, we sell lip balms made of high-quality, locally-sourced ingredients. All our products are available in the US. Order now!