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Our granddaughter has eczema so the doctors wanted to try steroids and all other kind of deadly creams on her.  My daughter didn't end up using the prescribed creams because she read what the side effects were.  Instead she opted to try different natural creams but didn't have a lot of success and one actually made our granddaughter cry but my daughter didn't know what ingredient may have caused that.  Lowen's Rub it in Why Don't Ya! Hand and Body Lotion so this was yet another one of our tries.  While her legs still have eczema  it looks like it has lessened by at least 1/2 and the amount that  is there looks way better too, so yes whatever is in that lotion, it is working wonders for her.


Yvette Mcdermott
I Count Beans Book Keeping

I was introduced to Lowen’s Bum Balm when my daughter displayed first signs of eczema. As a pharmacist, I knew the skin care options available to us but was willing to try something new. I am thrilled with how little product needs to be applied and how quickly we see results, each and every time. Although the label says “Bum Balm” this has really become the all-purpose, go-to-option in our home. I’ve gifted this product to new moms several times. This is a valuable find and I would recommend it – both as a mother and as a pharmacist.

Debbie Bunka

Debbie Bunka

As a person who works in the construction industry, I am no stranger to having rough, dry and cracked skin. My hands, knees, elbows, and arms are continually exposed to dust, mortar, water, mud, etc, and it can really take its toll. Our dry climate in Calgary doesn't help either, especially in the winter months. I caught wind of Lowen's skin care products via Facebook, and decided to contact them to see if they could suggest a product that could help me with my dry skin problems. They suggested the Lowen Butter Bum Balm as well as the Rub it in Why Don't Ya! As a potential solution. Both products worked immediately and amazingly, easing the pain and dryness of my hands as well as giving my skin some much needed elasticity.

Over the past two years I have been using Lowen's products not only to alleviate dry skin, but also as a healing agent and protectant for new and old tattoos. The older tattoos (10 years +) were looking faded with age and dry skin. The Lowen Butter Bum Balm and Rub it in Why Don't Ya! brought out their color and crispness, making them look almost new again! For new tattoos, the Lowen Butter Bum Balm really aided in the healing process by soothing and protecting the sensitive skin. I would recommend these products to anyone who has dry skin issues or tattoos, not to mention supporting local businesses! Thanks Lowen's, keep up the good work!

Luke Graves

Luke Graves

As a pharmacist and not-so-avid hipster, I was a bit apprehensive about Lowen's all natural, lack of chemical, locally-sourced approach. I thought that these extras were "nice," but that they shouldn't actually matter in a diaper cream (we were given a gift of Lowen's Butter Balm). So I made it a point to compare a few commercially made products (that my friends were using), to Lowen's, and very shortly, my perceptions changed.

Even if the locally-sourced, all natural angle doesn't appeal to you, the overall quality of the product, from the feel and texture, all the way to ease of application vs. commercial products is quite striking. So much so that when we forgot our tube of Lowen's during a week holiday, we went through three different products and had to use them much more frequently than our usual occasional use of Lowen's. And still, our twin girls developed a bit of diaper rash in one week that never occurred for the first few months while using Lowen's.

Now, Lowen's Butter Balm has become an essential part of any baby related gift we give to all our friends.

Pharmacist - Jackie Liu

Jackie Liu

I was first introduced to Lowen’s Natural skincare about a year ago.  As a pharmacist I was impressed with the quality and effectiveness of the products I tried and as a mom I loved the fact that the products were naturally sourced and safe.  When I decided to open my own pharmacy I reached out to Lowen’s right away to bring in the products to offer to my clients.  Also, they provide excellent value for such a high quality product and I can confidently recommend Lowen’s products to my clients.

My fav product – The Super Salve is amazing for cracked and dry knuckles!

My kid’s fav product – The Vegan Vapour Rub – offers a better scent and less greasy application than Vicks!

Dawn Juristy Pharmacist/Owner - Medicine Shoppe #385

Dawn Juristy
Pharmacist/Owner - Medicine Shoppe Marda Loop / Medicine Shoppe #385
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