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Vegan Lip Balm

Why You Should Consider a Vegan Lip Balm

Vegan lip balms are a wax-like substance applied to a person’s lips to saturate and soothe dried-out lips, cold sores, and other lip issues. Many individuals struggle with dry or chapped lips, and lip balm has emerged in popularity to relieve…

Biodegradable shampoo

What is Biodegradable Shampoo?

Biodegradable shampoo and biodegradable soap are products with minimal to no adverse environmental impacts as opposed to their generic counterparts. Most shampoos and soaps are made with antibacterial ingredients that extend their shelf life but wreak havoc on the environment…


Cruelty Free Skin Care During The Summer

In this article, I'm going to demonstrate some of the best CRUELTY-FREE SKINCARE routines you should consider during the summer season. A change of seasons means an adjustment from the usual skincare routine. Summer being the hottest season of the…

Benefits of vegan body scrub

10 Benefits of Vegan Exfoliating Scrubs

10 Benefits of Vegan Exfoliating Scrubs Going vegan is most commonly tied to the notion of giving up animal products for diet purposes. Whether it’s for ethical or health reasons, the vegan community is growing to be quite large. So…


Seven Common Myths About Vegan Skincare

Myths About Vegan Skincare   Turning vegan is not only more sustainable and kinder to our multi-legged friends but also can do wonders for your skin. However, while switching to a vegan skincare regime, you will come across a lot…

Vegan BB Cream

The New Thing in Town: Vegan Beauty Balm Creams

The skin is one of the essential parts of the body; therefore, it requires special attention and care. Several products enhance skincare, with many of them being environmentally friendly. One of the widely used and know skincare products is Vegan…


20 Natural Lip Balms That Will Help Your Lips

Having dry, dark or chapped lips are an issue for most women especially considering the fact that there many Natural Lip Balms out there. In most cases, dry and chapped lips are caused by exposure to sunlight and lack of…