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Blue Bottle Pharmacy The Home Base For Inner City Health In Calgary

Blue Bottle Pharmacy the Home Base for Inner City Health in Calgary

Back when Mark Percy was working in hospital pharmacies — practicing in the clinical areas of internal medicine and the medical teaching units in complex care, – he noticed significant “gaps in care” and saw another opportunity for his pharmaceutical skills to be put to good use.

“I really wanted to do some outreach in the inner city, but I needed a home base,” he says. In searching for this ideal “home base” Mark eventually set on purchasing Blue Bottle Pharmacy with a group of fellow independent pharmacists, Mint Health and Drugs, back in May of 2014.  Blue bottle had been in business for many years in the community of Renfrew so the Pharmacy was already well established.

“We are very much a community pharmacy.” Mark says and his work largely consists of off-site clinical programs, collaborating with area doctors and specialists.

For the past three years, Mark is especially proud of his work collaborating with The Alex, a facility committed to breaking down social and access barriers between low-income Calgarians and the healthcare they need.

“I see the patients for complex medication management, dose adjustments and titrations, as well as providing support for patients afflicted with chronic pain. The doctors at The Alex can focus on diagnosis and social needs with the multidisciplinary team at the facility, and then refer patients who are having difficulties managing chronic illnesses like diabetes, anxiety and pain to me to offer further assistance.”

The Sunrise Native Addictions Services Society is another initiative that Mark is involved with, helping those patients through detox and addiction, mental health diagnoses, and underlying chronic medical conditions that may have been neglected while the patient was deep into their addiction.

As Percy explains, people in the inner city are often “bouncing around” between different family doctors and pharmacies. “I wanted to give them a stable and consistent home base where the Pharmacist knows them in and out, and the patient knows we’re here to help them.”

How does Blue Bottle relate to Lowen’s you ask?  Mark first became familiar with Chad Zelensky and Lowen’s through mutual friends in the Pharmacy community (which is pretty tight knit). The rest is history and Blue Bottle Pharmacy carries a wide selection of Lowen’s products.  The reasons are many, as Mark believes in supporting fellow small businesses and the fact that Lowen’s products really work, are safe and are formulated by a Pharmacist make it easy to recommend them to his clientele.

Lowen’s products aren’t the only example.  Mark also carries fresh baked goodness from Holsem and nutrient rich bone broth products from Osso Bueno, both of which Lowen’s happens to be a fan of!

“I only want to carry products I believe in,” he says.

We invite you to pop by Blue Bottle Pharmacy and say hi!


Lowen’s Natural Skincare is a family-owned and operated business located at the foot of the rocky mountains in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Our origins are rooted in the creation of affordable safe and effective hypoallergenic skincare products for the whole family. Utilizing locally sourced, certified organic, Non-GMO and fair trade ingredients. Our product line up is exceptionally long-lasting and effective for everyday use as well as for serious skin conditions like severe dry skin, rash, eczema and psoriasis.

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