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Bubbles Cleansers and Toners BLOG POST - Happy Customer Reviews - Lowen's Natural Skin Care LOWENS.CA #canadiangreenbeauty #naturalskincare

Bubbles and cleansers and toners, oh my!

Lowen’s Skincare has come a long way since the inception of Bum Balm back in 2010. We’re excited to share with you these four new products to the lineup:

Bubble Paste – Simple Vegan Foaming Madness: This blood orange-scented concoction was made at the request of Lowen herself. While other off-the-shelf bubble baths have dozens of ingredients, including sulfates – a foaming detergent that can cause skin irritations in some people — Lowen’s Bubble Paste is sulfate-free, and only uses three ingredients: glycerin, sodium lauryl sulfoacetate (an organic salt foaming agent), and blood orange essential oil.  Three simple ingredients, incredible bubble fun!  And you can rest assured that this product is safe for you and your little ones as it EWG Verified

Get Buff! Vegan Exfoliating Cleanser: Based upon our  face and body cleanser You Sure Clean Up Nice!, this product is infused with crushed walnut husks as its exfoliant to lightly slough off dead skin while aloe vera, hydresia, and hemp oil keep your skin hydrated. Just remember, while we haven’t found evidence that those with nut allergies will react to walnut husks we do not recommended this one for for those with tree nut allergies.  Vegan, fully biodegradable and 100% free of those terrible plastic micro-spheres that are wreaking havoc on the coral reefs.

Shampoo is Betta! Vegan Hydrating Shampoo: Also sulfate-free, this vegan and biodegradable shampoo is made with certified-organic Canadian hemp seed oil, oat oil and provitamin B5 (Panthenol). While showing great results across different hair types, the shampoo has proven especially effective at helping dandruff suffers and does a superior job cleaning your hair, without stripping it. Many users forego conditioner when they switch to Shampoo is Betta! Here again this product is also EWG Verified™

Get Toned! Vegan Facial Toner: As toners have conventionally been used by those with sensitive and/or acne-prone skin types, it’s only logical that it should hydrate your face instead of drying it out or irritating it more. This is why our new toner is 100% alcohol-free. This toner is made with only eight ingredients, all sourced within North America. It contains a base of lavender floral water, aloe vera powder to soothe and heal, panthenol as a conditioning agent, and hydresia added in as an extra moisturizer.

We hope you enjoy our new products, and we look forward to making more products that make your skin happy for years to come. Click here to go to our online store, or see where our products are carried at our friendly retail partners.

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