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Bump and Baby Matters - BLOG POST by Lowen's Natural Skin Care LOWENS.CA #canadiangreenbeauty #naturalskincare

Bump and Baby Matters offers free infant CPR

While many parents and caregivers are CPR-certified, infant CPR isn’t always covered. Bump and Baby Matters was born out of the desire to provide this life-saving education for free.

“It started as a way to give back to the community. I thought it would be valuable to families,” says founder Theresa Moore. “It seemed crazy to me that it takes more time and process to adopt a pet than having a baby.”

“Infant CPR should be a basic necessity for new parents. Not just for them to feel comfortable if their kid starts choking and know the proper technique.”

Bump and Baby Matters started hosting its infant CPR classes in 2014 in the basement of a local community centre. The first class filled within 24 hours, and now Bump and Baby Matters hosts up to 16 classes per month in nine cities across Alberta.

“It grew into this huge initiative until I couldn’t do it by myself.” Theresa partners with local businesses in order to keep offering the classes free of charge.

Theresa credits the success of Bump and Baby Matters to the support of its local business partners – one of which is Lowen’s. “As a parent of young children myself, I understand being busy,” Lowen’s founder Chad Zelensky writes. “However, when the opportunity to learn infant CPR comes along, it is a no-brainer. The knowledge you gain could save a life – maybe your child’s.”

To continue fostering partnerships with the local business community and connecting them with local moms, Bump and Baby Matters launched its Insider Program. The program, also free, includes exclusive contests with local businesses such as SPUD, an organic grocery delivery service.

“It’s another way to connect those families with the small businesses they see every day,” says Theresa.

Bump and Baby Matters continues to expand this year. Theresa has plans for additional types of classes on subjects like car seat safety and baby-led weaning and is bringing Bump and Baby Matters to Ontario. A low-cost certificate program for infant and toddler CPR is also in the works.

To secure your spot for an infant CPR class, click here.

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