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Choosing Sea Salt Scrubs

Choosing Sea Salt Scrubs

The use of salt is definitely not our genius idea, but choosing sea salt scrubs is something we know all about at Lowen’s. Salt in our daily lives dates back thousands of years, used mainly in food for seasoning and preserving (yea from Vikings to hikers). It’s also long been used in the medical industry as a form of disinfection (you know that old saying… to throw salt in the wound!) In other words, salt drives the world. 

These days, sea salt and skincare is steadily gaining popularity. Sea salt brings about many wonders, beyond your palate. Harvested from the glistening blue waters of the sea, naturally, for your skin and scrubs. 

Science is in and sea salt helps to invigorate and nourish skin. Another major reason everyone should be using a good scrub at home. Consider these beautiful little beads the perfect companion to your baths and other beauty routines. So let dive in and get gritting on why choosing sea salt scrubs in your skincare pays off!

Part 1: The Magic Ingredient: Why Invest In Sea Salt

Here’s why you need it beside your bathtub, kitchen counters, and other places around your home—pronto:

Reason #1: Create your very own spa at home

Sea salt baths are offered in various spas around town, but who needs to spend that much money anyway? Pop a bottle of champagne, sprinkle your choice of sea salt products over warm water, and relax away. This is the perfect treat after a long day of work!

You’ll also be able to utilize sea salt in an at-home pedicure session. You will need a small tub for warm water, which is needed to soak your feet. Scrub your feet with your choice of salt scrub right after, and pat dry—and you’re all done! 

Reason #2: Get that much-deserved beauty sleep

If you’re having trouble falling asleep, fret not. Baths are relaxing in general, but sea salt baths are even better. They induce rejuvenating effects, and soaking in them can help you get those needed Z’s. You’re guaranteed to wake up feeling refreshed, ready to take on another day. 

Reason #3: Be blessed with good luck

Throughout history, salt has been regarded in Feng Shui as the basic ingredient to fortune and good luck. Sea salt is no different—it amplifies your positive energy, leaving you feeling renewed and abundant. Bonus points if you bring them with you in water, as experts believe that bathing in sea salt water allows all your negative energy to be released. The act of draining seawater from your bath can also help—it flushes away all the bad luck!

Reason #4: Get that amazing glow

Sea salt baths have been trusted throughout history for their many benefits. Ancient Romans and Greeks used sea salt to soothe and soften their skin, leaving them with such a rich and amazing glow. Coupled with other products like honey, you’ll be able to enjoy anti-inflammatory properties that can help soothe your skin better, calming any redness, irritation, and of course, breakouts. 

To try at home, mix two teaspoons of finely ground sea salt and four tablespoons of raw honey. This will create a paste you can easily spread, so apply it evenly onto clean and dry skin. Keep it on for a little while, gently massaging in circular motions. Make sure to rinse it off carefully!

Reason #5: Enjoy a fresher breath 

There’s a reason why salt remains an important part of the medical industry—it’s used as a disinfectant, as it’s capable of killing bacteria that can seep into your body, especially in your mouth. Salt can quickly kill the cause of bad breath and gingivitis, so why not try sea salt for a better experience?

Mix half a teaspoon of sea salt with warm water, and mix until it dissolves. Use it like every other oral solution, and swish it around your mouth properly. After that spit and rinse—it’s that easy!

Part 2: For Your Glow: Exfoliate With The Magic of The Sea

The benefits of body exfoliation are undeniable—they’re considered as the ultimate skin smoother, keeping the skin refreshed and healthy even with small amounts. Various body scrubs are readily available for use, but using this essential treatment is always better with sea salt!

Contrary to popular belief, a body scrub isn’t only for the warm summer weather. Using it year-round is an absolute must, as your skin needs all the nourishment it can get. With regular sea salt body exfoliation, expect your skin to become softer yet firm, glowing, and of course, completely and utterly healthy. The best part? You don’t know to worry about skin types—sea salt scrubs are for everyone!

To help you fully understand the magic, here’s an entire section dedicated to the process of exfoliating:

The anatomy of sea salt 

Sea salt comes with an estimated 20 minerals and other elements, all of which help promote good health, in and out. Here are some of the most beneficial minerals, tasked with keeping your skin blessed:

  • Calcium: Calcium is yet another important mineral, as it can promote cell renewal and hydration. Ultimately, you’ll prevent the premature appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Magnesium: This mineral promotes the healing of skin tissue, as well as soothes damaged skin. Furthermore, it also holds the capacity to protect your skin from microbes, particularly those that cause allergic reactions.
  • Sulphur: This substance is a natural disinfectant, allowing your body the perfect detoxification process it needs.
  • Bromide: If you suffer from frequent muscle cramps, sea salt offers bromide. It relieves cramps and calms the nerves.
  • Sodium: This substance relieves stiff and sore muscles, as well as gently exfoliates dead cells. 


What can I mix it with?

To make your exfoliating sessions more magic, you can mix and match them with your favourite oils. Your skin is the largest organ of your body, and it’s only logical to keep it as healthy as possible. It protects your entire body, after all, and sea salt allows you to do exactly just that. 

Mixed with the right oils, however, such as those rich with vitamins and antioxidants, you’ll be able to induce magic—prevention of scarring, promotion of healing, and even maintenance of skin tone! The best part about oils is that you can choose from a variety of scents—from lavender sea salt to vanilla sea salt, the combinations are endless! 

How can I use it properly for bath time?

Preparation: Before you start

After cleansing your entire body, stand in the show or bath, making sure that your skin is damp. Begin slathering on your sea salt scrub, making sure to focus on your dry skin patches. Make sure to avoid any damaged areas, though! Also make sure to lather on the sea salt well, done in sweeping and circular motions around each area of your body.

Finishing Touches: Rinse thoroughly 

Salt can be harmful when left in prolonged periods, so make sure to rinse everything off thoroughly. You can do so in the shower or soak it away in the bath, but either way, you’ll be left with smooth and soft skin.  Golden tip: For better results, make sure to pat carefully and apply moisturizer, particularly when your skin is still slightly damp.

Part 3: The Caveat: Keeping The Process Healthy

How often should you exfoliate?

The question can be quite difficult to answer, as it will depend entirely on your skin type. If you have dry skin, you’ll achieve the best results by exfoliation three times each week. Your sea salt scrub must contain moisturizing elements, however.

For those dealing with sensitive skin, it’s best to reduce your exfoliation sessions to only one time each week. Sea salt can be a safe ingredient to use, so long as you combine it with other gentle ingredients. 

For those dealing with skin combination types, a trial and method error is key. You need to examine how your skin handles exfoliation once per week, and then work your way up to three. However, it would be best to simply stop at three exfoliating sessions every week. 

When should I start exfoliation?

Exfoliation shouldn’t be done on a mere whim—learn how to listen to your skin! If you notice your skin looks irritated or simply needs some extra love and care, it may be time for gentle exfoliation. Any open cuts and sores should be avoided at all costs, however, so be patient—salt shouldn’t penetrate open wounds!

When should I be avoiding exfoliation?

Situation #1: You’re suffering from a sunburn 

Although most people assume that sunburn means spending a little too much time under the heat of the sun, sunburn actually means damage to your skin. Some sort of injury has occurred, hence the irritation, redness, and peeling. Post-burn care should never be taken lightly, and you must exhaust all means to prevent further damage.

Using an exfoliator, even something as good as sea salt, is one of them. Body scrubs are still abrasive treatments, and using them on your skin will only add more damage and prolong the method of healing. It’s best to stick to mild cleansers, including oil and other moisturizers for soothing. 

Situation #2: You’ve just had surgery 

Your body normally enters recovery mode especially after having surgery, cosmetic or otherwise. Thus, your skin also needs time to heal and recover. Exfoliating after a surgery can lead to unintended consequences to your skin. This can include discoloration, a slowing down in the natural healing process, or even the appearance of scars. To prevent these negative consequences from arising, it’s best to avoid body scrubs and exfoliation in general after surgeries.

Situation #3: You’ve undergone a chemical body peel

Chemical body peels work by removing a layer of skin and already counts as exfoliation. Thus, it’s no longer necessary to exfoliate some more. While it’s tempting to exfoliate in an attempt to “enhance” the effectiveness of chemical peels, it can actually do more harm than good.

Exfoliating before or after a chemical peel can take off more layers of skin than necessary. By doing so, you risk getting chemical burns, pain, infection, discoloration, and other damages to your skin. To help your skin after chemical peels, it’s best to moisturize and apply sunscreen instead of exfoliating.

Situation #4: You have a bug bite

Dealing with bug bites, especially mosquito bites, can be annoying. It may be tempting to slough off the skin where it itches, but resorting to exfoliating will only do more harm than good. The method will further spread the venom across your skin, increasing the leukotriene and histamine. As a result, your skin becomes itchier, and of course, redder. The best way to deal with bug bites is topical creams and cold compresses—never sea salt scrubs!

The Right Sea Salt Scrub For You 

All these amazing facts, guides, and warnings will be for naught without the proper product. Remember—the method is only as good as the product used, which is why we’ve created our very own Lowens exfoliating scrub—the Sea Salt Body Scrub!

It’s made from Vancouver Island sea salt, topped with extra virgin coconut oil, guaranteed to be fair trade. We’ve also added cold-pressed and organic Alberta hemp-seed oil, further highlighting just how amazing the scrub will be for your skin. The best part? We’ve added Soma Spa’s unique mix of essential oils, guaranteed to induce a relaxing environment as you take a bath. This mix of local products ensures that your skin stays healthy and refreshed, with a heavy dose of stress-free after effects. 


Choosing Sea Salt Scrubs- Right At Your Fingertips 

If the allure of the sea is what thrills you, a sea salt scrub is just what you need. You’ll be holding the sea right in the palm of your hands, and the magic will extend beyond just that notion. You’ll have healthier and supplier skin, all thanks to a tub of salty goodness. In all honesty, who doesn’t love waking up to super soft skin?

Remember to keep this comprehensive guide in mind, though—you still need to treat your skin right, and that means knowing how to properly use sea salt scrubs and choosing the right product. We’ve only one suggestion for you, though—our Sea Salt Body Scrub!

Lowen’s Natural Skincare offers you only the best of the best. We are more than just a family-owned skincare company—with our pharmaceutical background, we’ve created formulas that actually work. Choose the local and unconventional by choosing our products. Switch to natural skincare products—order your new favorites today!