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Diaper Rash and How to Avoid It

Seeing a diaper rash on your baby can often hurt one’s sense of parenthood, especially since many people think it’s a big, red sign of negligence. But while dealing with a nasty case of diaper rash often brings moms and dads across the world on a guilt trip, it’s a skin condition that is far from your fault. 


Some babies are more susceptible to skin sensitivities, making it a common problem that is simple to treat. We’re here to give a rundown on diaper rashes. Here’s you can do to keep your baby’s patootie as comfortable as possible. 


What Is Diaper Rash? 


A form of dermatitis that is common to babies. It manifests as a bright red patchwork around the cheeks and can often feel stingy at most. The primary culprit behind the condition is due to infrequent diaper changes, wherein the wet cotton causes the skin to chafe. 


You’ll know your little rugrat is suffering from diaper rash when you notice changes in their disposition. They squirm and cry more than usual during diaper changes. As for the physical symptoms, the skin should appear red and tender around the buttocks, thighs, and even genitals. 


When Should You Be Worried And Go To The Doctor? 


As mentioned above, diaper rashes are a normal experience, but if you notice your baby’s bum is not improving even after applying treatment, it’s best to check with your pediatrician and ask for prescription medication. 


If you notice the rash is accompanied by a fever, bleeding, oozing, or severe itching, give your doctor a visit! 


Preventing Diaper Rashes 


Warm and moist conditions are the optimal breeding ground for yeast infections. These can cause the red streaks or spots to appear in between the folds of your baby’s bottom. With that in mind, the best way to prevent irritating your baby’s skin is to change the diapers often. 


Always remove wet diapers and wash their bum using warm water every time you change the diaper. Be sure to dry the bum first before adding the new diaper. You can also let them have a few minutes without a diaper to let the skin breathe and dry naturally. 


The Bottom Line: Understanding How To Prevent Or Treat Diaper Rashes 


Diaper rashes can feel irritating for your baby. While it’s a normal occurrence, knowing how to avoid this skin problem from plaguing your little bundle of joy can help you prevent or treat the condition in its early stages. 


Simple home remedies can ease the inflammation. Change diapers frequently and apply the right ointment to soothe the redness from your baby’s bottom. If you’re looking for the perfect salve that has a mild yet effective formula catered to your baby, check out our skincare products at Lowen’s. 


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