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Fragrance In Skincare routine

How Does Fragrance Affect My Skincare Routine?

Don’t have a skincare routine? Using skincare products with natural or synthetic fragrances helps you smell pleasant, uplift your mood, and soothe your senses. These scents can also hide the products’ unpleasant aroma. As a result, many cosmetic companies decide to add artificial fragrances to their items because they know that they influence their customers’ purchasing decisions. 


Most chemical aromatics include essential oils or natural fragrant ingredients. While many of these extracts offer beneficial properties for your skin, these substances have unpredictable effects that can often do more harm than good. In other words, product fragrance is not necessary for your skincare routine, and it can even irritate your skin over time.


How Does My Skin React to Fragrance?


Most fragrant ingredients have a volatile and sensitizing reaction on your skin. In fact, fragrances in skincare products were established as one of the most common causes of negative skin reactions, such as dryness, redness, and itchiness. You may think that you can use it because your skin is not as sensitive as the others. Unfortunately, this problem is true for all skin types!


If you are concerned about using a fragranced skincare product, do a patch test to see how it affects your skin by using it on a small portion of your arm every day for a week. You may consider using it if you have no reactions, but remember that it can cause hidden skin damage.


Remember, just because you cannot see the damage on your skin’s surface or don’t see any signs of skin problems does not mean you can continue using fragranced skincare products. Your skin has multiple layers, meaning skin issues can develop every day. These complications can gradually worsen over time. Additionally, you can suffer from headaches, a runny nose, and intense sneezing if you are sensitive to fragrances.


Why Should I Choose Fragrance-Free Skincare Products?


Opting for fragrance-free products in your skincare routine helps you avoid sensitivity and irritation. Reach for fragrance-free items rather than unscented ones because many added fragrances make the formula smell neutral or scent-free. 


A good rule of thumb is to look at your skincare product’s first five ingredients because these compose about 80 percent of the formula. Avoid common fragrance ingredients, such as limonene, citronellol, cinnamal, linalool, geraniol, and eugenol. 


What Is a Fragrance-Free Skincare Product That Is Worth Trying?


To get smooth, glowing skin, invest in a quality body lotion rub like ours. Our Rub It In Why Don’t Ya! is a creamy, light natural skincare product that leaves lasting moisture. This safe and effective fragrance-free lotion is ideal for your skincare routine if you have sensitive skin. Best of all, it is multi-functional so that you can use it from head to toe.



Fragrances may make applying your favorite skincare products more fun, relaxing, and enjoyable, but they can irritate your skin in the long run. Remember, you should use products that only help you attain healthier skin, so avoid these scented distractions as much as possible. Go instead for quality fragrance-free products like ours that are safe and effective for your skin. 


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