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Lindsay’s Breastfeeding Challenge!

Being a new mom is tough. Behind the scenes of this joyful new addition to your life are all the giant learning curves and physical challenges that us new mothers navigate and overcome. Whether it’s your first, second or fifth baby, every baby is different. Moms get better at anticipating the challenges and changes as they come our way but nothing beats support from others to help us along.

Lowen’s Skincare is here to support new parents as they grow into their new roles with effective and worry-free products that help you focus on the joyful aspect of your new baby. We can help with the other not-so-fun stuff you or your baby will likely encounter.

My Breastfeeding Challenge: Cracked Nipples!

Being a new mom to our second beautiful little girl, I wanted to share with you one of my own personal challenges that would have been totally awful without Lowen’s Skincare.

Our lovely Simone had a very slight tongue tie and although she and I seemed to be breastfeeding well, her latch was a little bit weak in the early weeks.

Unlike my first breastfeeding experience, which came with it’s own challenge (thrush in my nipple…twice!) this time around I experienced cracked nipples, youch!

I had some minor cracking on the tips of each nipple and significant cracks along the nipple/areola connection, one worse than the other.

What Could I Do?

I had to nurse through the pain and tried an antibiotic ointment with anaesthetic to no avail.

After seeing how severe the wounds were and how much I was struggling while nursing, Chad, (my lovely husband, Pharmacist and creator of Lowen’s) suggested I use the Butter Balm in a moist wound healing treatment.

I have to admit, I was a little sceptical as I had used a medicated cream with my first nipple issue and didn’t want to prolong this pain unnecessarily with an unproven natural product.

Knowing how many other skin conditions have benefited from the Butter Balm and having a crazy supply on hand, I took the leap.

Here’s How I Fixed It

I applied the Butter Balm into the cracks between every feeding and inserted breast pads to both hold in the product and to protect my nursing bras.

I would lightly wipe away any excess that remained right before feeding and within 2 weeks, these deep cracks were completely healed!!

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