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Local Business Collaboration

Natural Skincare Means Local Ingredients

The Lowen’s Natural Skincare brand is proud to say we use locally sourced ingredients to create unparalleled and uniquely flavored lip balms. Our priority is that ingredients in our line include local, high quality ingredients. Speaking of local, have we told you how much we love local? Sure, you’re probably thinking, “yeah, same as everyone else, so what!?” You’re right, within Calgary’s growing consumer and packaged goods landscape we’ve witnessed the growing love for locally produced products. It seems like the competitiveedge between companies is slowly dwindling down to a dull nub and as a strategy to continue to stimulate growth, local business collaboration appears to be the golden ticket (only you won’t have to eat hundreds of chocolate bars to find it…you could, but you don’t have to and we’ll save you the guilt.) Outwardly examining the Calgary business scene you’ll see more and more companies collaborating and making concerted efforts to support one another, especially during the economic valley Alberta finds itself in. It’s no wonder why companies are shakin’ it up! Butyou know that we’ve always been movers and shakers, right? Sure you do! So no surprise that a local business collaboration was the main driver behind our last project which included, REAP, Swizzlesticks Salon and ABC Bees.

Don’t recall? Let’s refresh your memory for a hot second. REAP stands for ‘Respect for the Earth and All People’. REAP is a not-for-profit association for locally owned businesses. ABC Bees is a company that we here at the humble Lowen’s brand have been working with for some time now – as in we’ve been incorporating their incredible beeswax and honey into our products. So what’s up with these urban apiaries? ABC Bees is 100 per cent dedicated to the resilient management of honeybees and pollinator guardianship. Through their Bumble Bee Rescue Program, ABC Bees aims to educate homeowners about beehives and to help safely relocate the nests when possible. During our last collaboration efforts, Lowen’s announced to customers a new honey flavored lip balm, appropriately named the “Be Local Lip Balm” using the wax from ABC Bees’ hives and flavored with their honey. With each Be Local Lip Balm sold, $1.00 goes back to ABC Bees for their Bumble Bee Rescue program in Calgary.

As part of our continuing support of local partners at ABC Bees, we are expanding support by contributing 50 cents from the sale of each and every lip balm sold back to ABC Bees!  Extending the program just plain makes sense.  We use ABC Bees’ wax in all of our balms anyhow and without healthy local bees, there wouldn’t be Lowen’s lip balms and how sad would that be?

It’s no secret we value local companies and products.  Hell,  most of our products are made with locally sourced ingredients. (we even purchase labels and packaging from local suppliers.) Don’t believe the hype? Did we mention another locally sourced ingredient Lowen’s uses in our lip balms is Highwood Crossing’s non-GMO, certified organic, cold pressed canola oil? It should be clear that the Lowen’s brand culture is centered on not only utilizing local ingredients but also supporting local companies (and our local economy). As mentioned, loving local companies and products isn’t new and it never stops to be of value. For us, providing customers with hand made products using locally sourced ingredients that are safe to use, cruelty free and are sensitive to our customer’s unique skincare needs is paramount! Community is part of our corporate DNA. We are part of your community – we hope we’re making it better…

And Remember: Safe, local, effective = better



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