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Exciting news at Lowen’s!

Hi everyone!

They say that good things come to those who wait. This, in my experience, is not true at all. I would change that famous phrase to say good things come to those who work hard to achieve them. I think that this is true not only for me, but for Chad, the founder of Lowen’s as well. Lowen’s came from humble beginnings. A need for new, natural, gentler products was realized and from this, Lowen’s was born.

In my case, I was a newly graduated communications major who had been desperately seeking a communications job for months, since long before I even graduated from the University of Calgary. In May of 2019, on a whim, I reached out to Chad through Instagram. I had followed Lowen’s for a year or so and we had each liked and commented on each other’s posts in the past. That one action, sending that one message may have been one of the most monumental decisions that I have ever made. From that one single interaction, a new partnership was born and I finally found what I have been seeking for months; a new opportunity had finally arisen.

My name is Kelsey and I am proud to announce that I am the new Executive Assistant/Communications Coordinator for Lowen’s!

Our new Executive Assistant/Communications Coordinator, Kelsey.

This partnership started out a little unconventionally, I guess you could say. In April of 2018, I had a tattoo done at a local tattoo shop. The artist, Cody, gave me a teeny tiny tub of this tattoo aftercare balm and told me to use it while my tattoo was healing and that it was really great stuff. I looked at the container and it was all natural and made with hemp oil. I started using it and I absolutely loved it. It made my tattoo look and feel amazing and I loved the smell of it. It wasn’t strong, it was a natural smell and I just absolutely loved the feel of it. My tattoo healed really well because of it, and I immediately started following the company that made it because I was such a huge fan. That company ended up to be Lowen’s. I had no idea that a tiny moment in time, something as simple as trying a new project would, over a year later, change the trajectory of my life.

Now I am here and I am so incredibly grateful for this amazing opportunity. It’s really as close to a perfect scenario as you can get. I get to do what I love (and what I went to school for 5 years for) for an incredible local, environmentally conscious company that makes some really outstanding products. These products are what more of us should be using, as they are all natural, free of harmful chemicals, environmentally conscious and they work amazingly well. You just don’t get that with mass-produced, drugstore products. Lowen’s products are the best of the best and I am not saying this because I’m involved in the company now. I loved the products before I knew of the company. I truly believe in everything that Lowen’s stands for, and I hope that I can bring their products to many other people to love as much as I do.

Get out there and work hard to achieve your dreams, don’t wait for them to come to you. Lowen’s wasn’t born out of waiting around for things to change and I didn’t find my place within this company by waiting around for an opportunity to come my way. We both worked to make these things happen, and you can too!

Shop local, shop with the environment in mind!

It is so great to be here.


Kelsey Ferrill

Kelsey graduated from SAIT in 2015 with her journalism diploma, and more recently from the University of Calgary (June 2019) with her Bachelor of Communications. She is passionate about social issues such as advocating for those with disabilities/differences and has pursued a myriad of advocacy campaigns. She has appeared in Chatelaine magazine and on local media. Next up, catch her in a new series on CBC called You Can't Ask That, which is online (CBC Gem) now and airing nationally in January 2020!

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