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Lowen's Shows Gratitude

Lowen’s Shows Gratitude

Lowen’s Shows Gratitude

My name is Chad Zelensky, I’m chief cook and bottle washer at Lowen’s (and full of gratitude).  From time to time I like to whet my other creative muscles and figuratively put pen to paper – that said, it has been a long while since I’ve written anything in our blog and I’ve been thinking about meaningful topics (for me at least) to write about and that you hopefully find interesting.

Over the past year, I’ve been focusing on a lot of self-exploration, shifting paradigms and ultimately doing what I can to modify my thought patterns.  This is for a number of reasons, many of which are health related and part of a continual investigation of root cause analysis of causative factors for my health challenges (read more on that here).

Kind of like the 5 why’s, if you are unfamiliar.  The first answer is, well an answer, but it isn’t the whole picture – you keep asking why until you get to that wider perspective.

Anyhow, I’ve been thinking…

While methodical thought is generally a good thing but for some, like me, we can get lost in thought.  And I mean really lost – as in losing sight of things by not questioning certain thoughts in asking, “is this reasonable?, is this reality?, why am Lowen's Shows Gratitude I feeling this way?” Needless to say, thinking, left unchallenged, has led to some pretty intense falls down the rabbit hole.  More on that another time.

Acknowledgement of others is important.

It’s how your get along, really.

But I feel differently about gratitude these days.

In the past I thought one must show gratitude so as not to offend, to ensure relationships are maintained, balance the ledger of give and take, conform to social obligations, etc.  But I’m working (hard)  to shift that and other paradigms…

What am I thankful for?

Well, I’m thankful for being alive today.

For being able to write this blog.

To run a social business.

To be able to make a difference.

My sentiment was considerably different as compared to the same time last year. If I’m being completely honest with myself (and you), for the better part of my life.

I’m thankful for my good friend coming to my apartment each day in 2000 to motivate me to get my ass up and out of bed. To go school when I thought I didn’t care.  I wouldn’t have graduated Pharmacy school without him. Usask Pharm

I’m thankful for a chance encounter back in 2004 with George Doherty at the pharmacy I was working at.  George came to talk to us about “George’s Cream” that we sold in the Pharmacy.  That meeting planted a seed. Yes, an idea that I, as a Pharmacist could create Lowens Skincare!

So thankful for all of the help that I’ve received along the way. Help without conditions. From the staff at “the lab” that connected me with different resources. To new stakeholders and overall mentorship. Can’t forget, reconnecting with George and Skip- from George’s cream and the ongoing advice they provided in our early years.

These people didn’t have to help me.

However, it may not have even been in their best interests to help me (on a purely fiscal/competitive sense).

But efforts of each of these people made the difference for me. I credit them for being pivotal influences in the creation of Lowen’s.  To them I offer my gratitude.George and Skip

Finally, I hope this meandering journey helps paint a more holistic picture of our company story. Also me as the person behind the curtain.

Thank for reading Lowen’s Shows Gratitude, Chad

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