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Signs of Stress in Your Skin - BLOG POST by Lowen's Natural Skin Care LOWENS.CA #canadiangreenbeauty #naturalskincare

Signs of Stress in Your Skin and How to Relieve It

Stress is an ongoing trial that each person experiences regardless of their age, gender, or profession. For most, the effects of stress go unnoticed both inside of a person’s body and outside of it. This may be because they are so used to being busy or overwhelmed that they always feel like they can handle it. Stress exists to keep us alive (“see fight or flight”) but too much for too long can be sneaky  lead to severe anxiety if one is not careful in recognizing and controlling it. Lack of control itself can lead to anxiety and panic attacks, both of which are sudden as they can occur to anyone at any time, particularly when he or she is under a great deal of pressure. Yet, there are some signs that one could look for in determining their level of stress, one of which can be found in your skin.

Have you ever noticed that you always break out right before a big presentation? Do you find your skin unbearably dry and itchy during lengthy work sessions? Does it take your skin longer to recover from such ailments when more tasks are thrown your way unexpectedly? These are all signs of excess and prolonged stress – this is the relationship between your skin and stress.  Skin conditions that manifest, despite being an early warning, can also contribute to worsening stress as no one wants a break out before a big event. So, how can we soothe our skin during stressful times?

Let’s Start from the Bottom-Up

What can cause stress in the first place? Naturally, your career, your relationships, and your finances are demanding enough, but it can go deeper than that, to your overall health.

Anyone can handle the most trying of incidences periodically, if they were well-rested, properly nourished, fit, and clear-minded, etc. Often though, these perfect conditions do not exist and we are overwhelmed.  According to Laura Rudoe in her blog post, “The Brain Skin Connection: Stress, Inflammation, and Skin Aging”, to literally put on your best face it is recommended that each person:

  • Sleeps an average of 8 hours per night
  • Eats a moderate amount of fruit and starches as well as protein and fat especially when they are partaking in intense exercise regularly
  • Do mind-body activities such as mediation (check out in Calgary for instance) or yoga

Treating the core cause of stress is essential and will better the results of medicating skin ailments caused by stress.  You may even be able to forego the antibiotics and creams… As mentioned in Rudoe’s post, stress “can cause increased inflammation, DNA damage and reduced effectiveness of skin’s defense against physical stressors such as UV radiation and anti-oxidants. It can also shorten cellular lifespan and delay skin healing”.

Skin Stress Relievers

Products at Lowen’s Natural Skin Care have been specifically formulated to soothe skin ailments such as dryness, redness, eczema, and psoriasis—the same types of conditions high levels of stress can produce. In fact, their All- Purpose Balms, such as their Butter Balm or Super Salve, are your best bet to treat stressed skin as they are free of any irritants (hypoallergenic) that can cause even more harm, preservative free and full of healing essential fatty acids.  If that wasn’t enough, Lowen’s products have been thoroughly evaluated by an impartial third party, the Environmental Working Group, to ensure that they are safe for use and are environmentally sound.

For More Help

Your skin is often the first indicator of excessive stress and it is in your best interests to resolve them before it gets out of hand.  Not just for your appearance but for your overall well being before something more pronounced takes place. If you feel that more needs to be done to relieve your stress, it is always encouraged to speak to a professional. At BetterHelp, you can get in contact with a professional that’s right for you, work with them inexpensively and at your preferred schedule.

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