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I recently added two more Lowen’s items to my preferred skin care products, for a total of five. I discovered this company two years ago while consulting the EWG for non-toxic shampoo. The Lowen’s lip balms also sounded good so I bought some of those too. I will now tell you why I keep shopping on their website, besides being in Las Vegas where I can’t run to a store to buy this brand. Each item I have tried has been excellent, so I return, may now have all of their products for which I have a use.

Shampoo is Betta! Vegan Hydrating Shampoo worked great, took a very small amount to make a lather and get my hair clean. Hair condition improved, seemed thicker and easier to manage. Really noticed a difference when I saw myself from overhead, via one of my security cameras, and blank spaces on my head were filled in. That was a great unexpected benefit. Had I known this would happen I would have taken before and after shots for show and tell.

Lip Balms keep lips moist in the usually very dry Las Vegas climate. Since I lose things easily I keep one of these by my PC, beside my bed, on the kitchen counter, in my purse, on my makeup table, in my pocket if I go out. This keeps me from having to search high and low when one is needed.

In Yo Face! Natural, Vegan BB Cream has not removed all the wrinkles yet, nor did advertising claim it would, but I am hopeful since it has done a wonderful job of getting rid of the dry skin. And, as with the shampoo, it takes very little to cover the problem areas.

Rub it in Why Don’t Ya! Lotion is healing the cracks that develop on my fingers. A small amount rubbed into my hands at bedtime is all that is needed to accomplish this. It has also been very helpful in healing the skin on my feet that I accidentally splashed with tile cleaner. Yes, quite stupid of me, am usually very careful with chemicals.

Vegan Sea Salt Scrub is remarkable. I wondered when I opened the package why there was a tiny plastic spoon included, almost threw it away. Then figured out that the Sea Salt Scrub needed for one foot is what fits on that spoon. The small amount changes the appearance from a scaly swamp creature look to beautiful, shoe model feet. Well, not quite, but greatly improved.

One of the coolest features of Lowen’s is that you can actually communicate with the owner of the company. I discovered this when I had a problem getting to the website to place my second order in 2017 and e-mailed them to ask why. Was amazed to receive a message from Chad himself, not from a computer nerd with a lame excuse for the glitch. We chatted about my difficulty with the connection and also current news. Included on my recent order receipt was a nice, handwritten greeting from Chad. I tell acquaintances to buy his excellent products, and I mention that the owner of the company is a personal friend.