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As a pharmacist and not-so-avid hipster, I was a bit apprehensive about Lowen’s all natural, lack of chemical, locally-sourced approach. I thought that these extras were “nice,” but that they shouldn’t actually matter in a diaper cream (we were given a gift of Lowen’s Butter Balm). So I made it a point to compare a few commercially made products (that my friends were using), to Lowen’s, and very shortly, my perceptions changed.

Even if the locally-sourced, all natural angle doesn’t appeal to you, the overall quality of the product, from the feel and texture, all the way to ease of application vs. commercial products is quite striking. So much so that when we forgot our tube of Lowen’s during a week holiday, we went through three different products and had to use them much more frequently than our usual occasional use of Lowen’s. And still, our twin girls developed a bit of diaper rash in one week that never occurred for the first few months while using Lowen’s.

Now, Lowen’s Butter Balm has become an essential part of any baby related gift we give to all our friends.