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Our family has been using Lowen’s products for a few years now. We absolutely love ‘Rub it in why don’t ya’ it’s an amazing moisturizer, nothing else compared. It works so well that you don’t need very much, I can get away with using it every second day, which is huge in Calgary’s dry climate and as a busy mom of three a huge time saver. ‘Rub it in why don’t ya’ is the only thing that works on our five years olds eczema, it cleared up the thick rough skin on his legs when nothing else would, not even the doctors prescribed hydrocortisone cream.

Our doctor initially recommended we try Aveeno cream on him, but he complained that it hurt his already sensitive skin when applied. We also use Lowen’s baby products on our 7 month old twins. Lowen butter bum balm is a great barrier cream and Lowen butter bum balm blues usually clears up any bum irritation from teething by the next diaper change.

I personally am also in love with the lip balms. I’ve given lots of them away as presents and I’ve never heard anything but rave reviews from everyone. The flavors are so fun as well.