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I received a sample of the Bum Balm Blues at the 2014 mommyliscious mom & tot trade-show for use on my baby that was born this July (2015). I was skeptical because my firstborn toddler (2.5 yrs old now) has had the worst oozing eczema patch since she was 2 months old. After using your Bum Balm Blues on my new newborn who seemed to have been born with a diaper rash, I am a believer and spokesperson! My baby’s diaper rash went away within hours and it took only 2 applications. So, I raced out and accidentally bought the Butter Balm (the product that “started it all”) and am pleased with the results of that too! So pleased that I started using it on my toddler’s very resistant eczema patch on her elbow (in between her Dermatop corticosteroid medication) and her patch is actually going away!!!! I can hardly believe it! I now swear by your products and have suggested its use to other eczema sufferers in my family. Great stuff, so thank you for its creation!