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Vegan BB Cream

The New Thing in Town: Vegan Beauty Balm Creams

The skin is one of the essential parts of the body; therefore, it requires special attention and care. Several products enhance skincare, with many of them being environmentally friendly. One of the widely used and know skincare products is Vegan Beauty Balms (BB) creams, which soften and moisturize the skin, giving it a soft glow and silky to the touch. 

HOWEVER, vegan Beauty Balm AKA BB creams are more in demand because of their importance to people with skin blemishes. If you want a cream that will help revitalize your skin, try various BB creams on Lowens, where value meets quality. 

Women primarily use vegan BB creams in their makeup routine, acting as a moisturizer, sunscreen, primer, and foundation. This type of cream is extremely valuable to people who do not have the time to put on the whole combination of makeup, and besides, it provides your skin with quality moisture, hence softening it.

Before getting you on board, there are several things you should know about vegan BB creams: They are extracts of natural resources; hence there is no use of chemicals in the cream or animal products. Secondly, these creams are not tested on animals; is it not enough to get you started on where to purchase them?

Trying Vegan BB creams has proven to be beneficial to the countless number of people whose skin tone was uneven and had skin blemishes. That is why before trying this type of cream, you should know its advantages because, as far as research goes, Vegan BB cream has no disadvantages.

Advantages of Vegan Beauty Balm Creams

  1. It is a cruelty-free product; therefore, when using it, you can feel content in the knowledge that these products have not been gotten or used on animals. To know whether the Vegan BB creams use animal products or not, you only need to look at the logos on them, and when you find the Leaping Bunny Logo, Voila! 
  2. Since vegan creams contain natural or organic resources, they have no chemical ingredients in them, hence prove to be gentler on your skin than non-vegan BB creams. If you have sensitive skin, here is your go-to makeup cream. You cannot go wrong with vegan BB creams from Lowens.
  3. Vegan products are environment friendly, and who in this global-warming period has no desire to be kind to the environment? That is why I recommend using Vegan BB creams, which, when used, have no negative impacts on the environment. 

Animal products are some of the critical causes of environmental problems such as climate change, soil erosion, and water depletion. That is why the use of Vegan BB creams is trendy; they have no such effects on the environment. 

  1. You get your shine by using vegan BB creams. If you have rough, patchy, or scaly skin, the solution to your skin problem is using vegan BB cream, which will leave your skin glowing and softer. 
  2. Believe it or not but Vegan BB creams uplift people’s self-esteem. People with skin blemishes often feel uncomfortable when heavily scrutinized or looked at because of their skin problems. If this is you, a solution in the form of vegan BB cream has been manufactured to make you feel better about your appearance.

Vegan BB creams help cover up blemishes and skin disfigurations; therefore, it provides a way for beautiful people with skin problems a way of uplifting their self-image and self-esteem. Take a look at Lowens, where all types of vegan BB creams are at your disposal, and all you have to do is click that button!

Looking at vegan BB creams might give you a bigger idea of how fulfilled you will feel once you know that you are using the best type of skincare cream on the market. Millions of products erupt in the skincare market, where most sells at relatively low prices.. However, to get the best quality of vegan skincare, look at Lowens Shop vegan BB creams. 

Top 15 Best Vegan BB creams in 2021

  • In Yo Face! Natural, Vegan BB Cream

This is one of Lowens most accredited products, with many people purchasing it based on its properties. For one, In Yo Face! has anti-ageing properties which prevent your skin from cracking and developing wrinkles. Interesting, right? There is more. The cream is filled with boosts of essential vitamins and acids, which will revitalize your skin

The real value of In Yo Face! lies in its guarantee to work in making sure you have healthy, wrinkle-free, and ageless skin. Sounds like a dream? Try it on Lowens Shop.

  • Bella Terra Satin Touch BB Cream

Bella Terra Satin cream is a beautiful piece of work made using natural ingredients such as Mica, Zinc, Magnesium, and hydroxatone. The cream’s anti-ageing, hydrating and blemish concealing properties make it widely used. The natural ingredients in the satin touch BB cream enable it to protect your skin from sun damage. I

This volatile product can be used on all skin types because of its hypoallergenic properties and, combined with its hydrating properties, which makes your skin supple throughout the day. Most people consider it skin gold. 

  • Coola Rosilliance Organic BB cream 

Coola Rosilliance BB cream, according to its name, is made from rose stem cells which give it its antioxidant and nutrient-richness properties. The cream is a water-resistant, lightweight cream that is easily and quickly absorbed into the skin. 

Using this cream guarantees the cover-up of all skin faults and provides skin coverage which helps even your skin tone. The cream has anti-ageing proponents; hence you have assured an ageless quality to your skin. 

  • INIKA certified BB cream

INIKA is a certified beauty balm cream that is dermatologically tested to prove its efficiency in covering up blemishes. The cream is hypoallergenic, hence applies to all skin types, including problematic and sensitive skin types. It acts as a moisturizer because it softens and hydrates your skin, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and your skin relaxed. 

The INIKA BB cream has 80% vegan ingredients such as avocado oil, jojoba oil, prickly pear, and pomegranate. These ingredients enable it to enhance collagen production and also ensure anti-ageing for your skin. 

  • Purlisse Perfect glow Beauty Balm cream

Purlisse BB cream is one of the beauty creams when applied, lasts a long time. This cream contains chamomile, artemisia extracts, and sugar maple. It blends evenly when used on the skin and gives you the perfect finish. It is safe to use because it has all-natural ingredients, and no chemicals are used in its production.

Have oily skin or blemished skin? Try Purlisse perfect glow BB cream, which will erase and help you cover up the blemishes in an instant. Better still, the cream is hypoallergenic and people use it with all skin types, acne-prone, mature, dry, and oily skin. 

  • Pacifica Beauty Alight Multi-mineral BB cream

The Pacifica beauty alight BB cream is a primer that contains coconut water and hyaluronic acid, which serves as a hydrating component to the glow of your skin. It contains stem cells from flowers that give a shiny natural gloss to your skin. 

You can use the cream to achieve your natural glow, which will make you shine from miles away. There is absolutely no consequence of using this product except the confidence it gives to you when your skin is radiantly beautiful. 

  • Jane Iredale Mineral BB cream 

The Jane Iredale mineral BB cream is a waterproof, sunproof mineral-based beauty product whose grapefruit extract helps minimize pores and makes your skin more youthful. The cream also has apple fruit extracts which refine and exfoliates your skin. 

The two, coupled with sunflower extracts which keep your skin moisturized and rich in vitamin E, make your skin glow and maintain a youthful quality. The cream also has aloe vera juice which nourishes the skin. The combination of all these fruity and natural products makes the cream flavoured and aromatic. The more reason to get yourself one!

  • Andalou Naturals skin-perfecting BB cream

The Andalou perfecting BB cream, according to its name, perfects your skin in mind. It uses fruit stem cells to create a natural, ageless solution that makes your skin appear timeless. The fruit stem cells used help renew, rejuvenate, moisturize, and repair your skin. The results of using the Andalou Naturals skin-perfecting BB cream is your skin looking healthier. 

The cream rejuvenates your skin because of its various berry fruit antioxidants and mineral tint property. It uses organic ingredients to avoid skin irritations in people with sensitive skin. 

Conclusively, the eight beauty balm brands illustrated above show the most used brands in the market. The creams all use natural ingredients and have no toxic chemicals or components, which reduces the risk of skin irritation in all skin types. The use of vegan Beauty balms creams is a sure way of you getting the glow, even tone to your skin. Try one of the brands at Lowens.