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Our guide to Vegan Natural Shampoo

The Top Benefits You Can Get From Using Natural Shampoo

The Top Benefits You Can Get From Using Natural Shampoo

What exactly is natural shampoo? Many of us have a strict daily hair care routine down, including shampooing and conditioning. However, many people struggle in choosing the right hair products to maintain and care for their hair. This is quite the dilemma since every hair type is different. Besides that, you also need to keep in mind that you’re giving your hair the right nutrients it needs to stay nourished. This is to avoid any damage from applying chemicals.


Unfortunately, most commercial shampoos and conditioners do contain harsh chemicals and fragrances. These not only damage your hair and scalp, but also harm the environment. And for this reason, you must switch to using an organic, and hair-thickening, natural shampoo to protect your tresses while enhancing its natural bounce and shine. 


Vegan shampoo is ideal to use because it’s free from animal ingredients and derivatives. It is formulated with organic and natural ingredients. Fortunately, your hair can get all the goodness from vegan shampoos and conditioners, such as those from Lowen’s. 


If you’re curious to know more about what you can get from using vegan shampoo, here’s a list of some of their benefits. Let’s get to it!


Say goodbye to harmful chemicals and hello to natural shampoo

One of the notable benefits you get from vegan shampoos is that its made from natural and organic ingredients. Vegan products don’t contain any synthetic chemicals that could cause immense damage to your hair and other sensitive parts of your body, like your skin and eyes.


Buying vegan shampoo, like Lowen’s Shampoo Is Betta! Vegan Hydrating Shampoo ensures that none of these dangerous chemicals will be in your shampoo. Besides that, it’s incredibly hydrating, sulfate-free, coconut-based, and is rated top 16 Best Safe & Natural Shampoos Without Parabens or SLS by



Packed with ingredients your hair will love

 Besides being chemical-free and safe, vegan shampoos include nourishing ingredients, like jojoba oil or coconut oil, that provide moisture for your natural oils, ultimately reversing hair and scalp damage. 

Additionally, natural ingredients in vegan shampoos include aloe vera, which stimulates hair growth and prevents excessive hair loss. 


Fortified with essential oils

Do you love the calm and relaxing feeling essential oils provide? Natural shampoos can give you that as well! Most vegan shampoos contain essential oils that nourish your hair and scalp and also promote stress-relief and relaxation. 

For example, vegan shampoos with lavender oil will promote blood circulation in the scalp and promote healthy hair growth. In addition, Its aromatics help you relax and stay calm. On the other hand, argan oil infused-shampoos can restore damaged hair and bring back its moisture and promote healthier hair. 

essential oils lowens


Safe for the environment 

Another great thing about vegan shampoo is that it’s incredibly safe for the environment. Non-biodegradable and natural ingredients break down quickly once they’re down the drain, preventing environmental damage. 

Also, most vegan shampoos come in sustainable packaging and recyclable material that is beneficial for the environment. 



Using Vegan Shampoos means that they are not only cruelty-free but also absent of animal ingredients. We do not test our products or ingredients on animals and are 100% plant-based. While this might sound like an easy decision not to harm or test on animals there are still many large companies out there that do animal testing. Look for brands with the Global Beauty Without Bunnies Logo next time you are shopping around for shampoo and skin products. You can also visit the leaping bunny compassionate shopping guide and help join our fight against animal testing. 


Wrapping Up

Perhaps you’re now convinced to switch to using vegan shampoo from now on. Vegan shampoos will not only give you all the healthy hair benefits you need, but you’ll also be kinder to the environment with every use. So grab a bottle of vegan shampoo, restore all the nutrients your hair needs, look fresh, and save the environment, one vegan shampoo bottle at a time!


If you’re looking for the best vegan shampoo in the market, Lowen’s has what you’re looking for. Lowen’s Natural Skincare is a family-owned skincare company that formulates unconventional, unrefined natural products for your hair and skin using locally sourced ingredients. Check out our products today!

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