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Trendy Vegan Lip Balm

Trendy vegan lip balms guaranteed to keep your lips hydrated


Lips are an important part of a person’s profile, hence more need to keep them looking supple and hydrated. Lip balms are essential to maintaining the natural moisture of your lips, hence the need for vegan lip balms. Wondering why Vegan lip balm?


Before getting down to reasons to choose vegan lip balms, let us have a breakdown of what vegan lip balm is.


Vegan lip balm is a type of lip balm that does not contain animal ingredients or animal-derived products. These contain purely natural fruits, plants, and herbs.


There are 5 reasons why Vegan lip balms are an absolute go-to for your lips: 


#1. No chemicals


Many of the traditional lip balms are made using chemicals to improve the colour and smell of the lip balm. Not so for vegan lip balms! Vegan lip balms have all-natural ingredients that provide both colour, moisture, and beautiful scents to your lips. No more chapped lips once you use vegan lip balms!


Lips need to be nurtured because they are the gateway for toxic substances to get into the body. Vegan lip balms do not contain toxins or contaminants that can have adverse side effects when injected into the body. 


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Other types of lip balms contain harmful animal products like beeswax and Uric acid which can be quite harmful once ingested, hence using vegan lip balms keeps your lips hydrated without harming your health


healthy lips - Lowens Vegan Lip Balm Flavours


#2. Versatility


Vegan lip balms are not just made for vegans. Non-vegans can also use vegan lip balms because of their wondrous qualities. Vegan lip balms contain all kinds of flavours, from fruit flavours such as coconut to lime and Punkin. This kind of versatility has made a way for non-vegans to make a grab for vegan lip balm.


The great combination of ingredients used in vegan lip balms has enticed non-vegans to use it on their lips. Vegan lip balm ingredients perform wonders on all types of lips, creating a good lasting effect on cracked or chapped lips.


If you are not a vegan but are having trouble with keeping your lips moisturized, now is your chance to try vegan lip balm. The effect is promising and your lips will transform in a matter of time. 


#3. Eco- friendly


Vegan lip balms are made with the environment in mind, hence is a way of conserving the environment while keeping your lips looking glamorous. Many of the vegan lip balm packaging is recycled or uses recycled packaging. Give it up to vegan lip balms manufacturers for taking a great deal of care in the environment!


Vegan lip balms are produced with the designs, packaging, and products reflecting the importance of keeping the environment safe 

and conducive for both humans, animals, and plants. 


The components of vegan lip balms are eco-friendly because even when the lip balm is disposed of, it can not have negative effects on the environment. The more reason to take on a vegan lip balm! The eco-friendly nature of the ingredients has made vegan lip balm the much-demanded lip balm in the market. 




#4. Healthy-looking lips


Lip balms are essentials for anyone who wants to keep their lips moisturized and kissable. There are varieties of lip balms in which the two comforts are not met, but not vegan lip balms. Vegan lip balms contain natural components that keep your lips soft and hydrated. 


Vegan lip balm gives your lips deep conditioning and moisturizing which keeps your lips in great condition. The natural components of vegan lip balm have vitamins and antioxidants which provide nourishment to your lips, making them look healthy and soft. 


Lips when exposed to harsh environmental elements become cracked or damaged. The use of vegan lip balm repairs such damage by making your lips enticingly healthy. Vegan lip balm not only repairs damaged lips but also prevents damage to lips. These qualities increase vegan lip balm’s attractiveness and have made it a go-to. 


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#5. Friendly to Animals


Vegan lip balm has no animal components in them, increasing their demand among vegans and also non-vegans who care about animals. Vegan lip balm protects animals in that no animal has to go through experiments, examinations, or testing to create the product.


During the manufacturing of vegan lip balm, the manufacturers ensure that the products are not harmful to animals. The lip balms are not tested on animals either, hence vegan lip balm manufacturers ensure they use safe non-animal ingredients in production. 


Word on the streets is that vegan lip balm is a trendy look for many people. There are several brands from different companies looking to improve people’s lips while conserving the environment and animals’ welfare. 


There are 10 recognized vegan lip balm brands, with each holding a promise of unending lips delight and moisture. 



  • Crazy Rumors Lip balm


This is a vegan lip balm that is known for having countless flavours which makes it interesting and fun. The flavours all range from vanilla to chocolate making it mouth-watering. The lip balm is one hundred percent natural and consists of important ingredients such as vanilla extracts, olive oil, Shea butter, and jojoba oil. 


The ingredients all make the lip balm very nourishing for the lips as they are all-natural and have no added chemicals. The key ingredients combined make the lip balm very effective on dry and damaged lips. The flavours are all inviting and pleasurable to the sense of taste and smell, making crazy rumors’ lip balm enticing.


  •  Hurrah! Lip balms


This is a vegan lip balm brand and is extremely well known in the market. They are known for their hydrating quality and are made from the best natural vegan ingredients. The Hurrah! Lip balm leaves your lips feeling moisturized and soft.


Hurrah! Lip balm is known for its many flavours, smells, and beautiful packaging. The packaging is meant to attract the eyes and the flavours and scents are all deliciously awaiting your unwrapping. 


You should try the Hurrah! Cinnamon flavoured lip balm. You can almost taste the cinnamon on your lips because of the cinnamon bark used to make the lip balm. Other flavours include black cherry tinted lip balm which leaves a delicious smell on your lips for hours.


Hurrah! Lip balms do not disappoint with the choices laid out for your choosing. 


  • Eco Lips Vegan Lip balms


Lips moisturizing is the most important reason for purchasing lip balm. Eco lips lip balms have made lips hydration the in-thing since 1966. The brand has grown and become known for the all-natural ingredients it uses to create vegan lip balm. 


Eco Lips Lip balm is made of organic ingredients such as organic cocoa butter, organic coconut oil, sunflower seed oil, and candelilla wax. These ingredients are organic hence are eco-friendly, which is one of the reasons for you to pick up a pack of Eco lips Lip balm, for healthy and soft lips.


The brand has several flavours such as sweet mint and lemon-lime which smell and taste nice. The lip balms heal cracked and damaged lips making them a good alternative to other traditional types of lip balms.


  • Herbivore Botanicals Natural Coco Rose Lip Conditioner


As its name suggests, the herbivore botanical natural coco rose lip is a moisturizing conditioner with a rosy scent. The lip balm has ingredients such as coconut oil, rose extract, orchid flower extracts, and meadowfoam sea oil which are all responsible for the lip balm’s ability to moisturize and condition your lips.


The vegan lip balm does not have toxic ingredients added to it, increasing its healing properties. The lip balm when used does not affect the body and nor does it harm the environment.


The lip balm also acts as an exfoliate, helping to remove dead skin on the lips making your lips glow. Herbivore Botanicals Natural Coco Rose lip conditioner provides moisture to damaged lips and makes your lips look healthier. 


  • Korres Guava lip butter


The Korres lip balm is a vegan lip balm made especially for lips that require deep moisturizing and that it tastes like actual guava makes it a standard vegan lip balm. 


Korres Guava Lip butter smells like guavas and contains both guava and Shea butter extracts which leave the lips extremely hydrated and soft. The lip balm is extremely attractive because of its moisturizing and conditioning properties. 

  • Pure + Simple Vegan Lip balms 


Your lips could not be softer than if you used Pure+simple vegan lip balms. These lip balms are lips moisturizers because of the quality of the essential oils contained in them. 


Pure+Simple are balms used to hydrate the lips, making them look and feel much softer and sheer. The essential oils in lip balms include castor seed oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, and many other oils that leave your lips refreshed and shiny.


The brand has five flavours of lip balms including lavender, lime, peppermint-flavoured, and orange-flavoured. The five flavours are a variety that leaves your lips smelling and tasting good. 


Pure+simple manufacture lip balms that nourish and heal damaged lips. The nutrients contained in the natural ingredients are great in softening the lips.


  • Honest Beauty tinted lip balm


As its title depicts, the honest beauty-tinted lip balm is made to bring out the beauty in your lips. The lip balm does that by softening and giving a shine to your lips. The honest beauty tinted lip balm is made up of avocado oil which has fatty acids that lock up moisture, hence enabling you to keep your lips thoroughly moisturized.


The honest beauty tinted lip balm is full of antioxidants because of ingredients such as acai and pomegranate which increase the levels in which antioxidants are used. This helps protect the lips from cracking and chipping. 


Like all other vegan lip balms, honest beauty tinted lip gloss contains perfectly natural ingredients which makes it a good vegan lip balm that softens and sheers your lips. 


  • Dr. Pawpaw


A fun name for a vegan lip gloss with the ability to soften and moisturize your lips all day long. Dr pawpaw is an all-natural lip balm that gives your lips the shine they need. The brand paired pawpaws and the aloe leaf juice are combined due to their healing properties.


Pawpaws are filled with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that help moisturize, soften, and protect your lips against the rough elements. The aloe plant retains and absorbs moisture which makes it a perfect addition to the pawpaws, and makes your lips shine and repairs damaged lips. 


  • PHB Ethical Beauty


The PHB Ethical beauty brings out the lip in a lip balm with its mixture of natural ingredients which makes your lips soft and moisturized. The lip balm is a mix of organic raspberry and Shea butter, to give a result of smooth and young-looking lips.


The combination of the two creates an antioxidant property which in turn makes your lips look younger. Peppermint is added to the mix to make the lip balm more effective in terms of making your lips glow. 


PHB ethical beauty offers a variety of colours to pick from, each according to one’s skin tone. There are five shades, ranging from peach to cranberry. The shades provide an opportunity for you to glow and moisturize with a colour that makes your lips shine. 


  • The Body shop


A pouting lip needs lip care that is one hundred percent natural. The body shop lip balm is a blend of organic olive oil, marula oil, and Shea butter, which combination will make your lips soft and supple. 


The body shop lip balm provides several shades, flavours, and smells of lip balms that are effective in moisturizing your lips while creating a mixture of sweet smells that will make you want to lick your lips dry!


Vegan lip balm is available in online stores and all it takes is the click of a button for your lips to look better, giving them a shiny and perfect look


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