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Vegan Hair Products: A Starter Kit to Living a Vegan Lifestyle

Veganism as a lifestyle has evolved over time, and there are numerous reasons to give it a try now. This lifestyle affords you have the opportunity to contribute to the environment by using all-natural products (Vegan hair products such as a vegan shampoo and conditioner), or by adopting a vegan-based diet.  If you are wondering why this diet seems to be so popular, or if you want to start making the switch, then we’ve got you covered! Read on to find out what it means to start living a fully vegan lifestyle.


What does it mean to be vegan?

A majority of people think veganism is restricted to food and dietary preferences. However, the true essence of the practice goes beyond that; The goal of veganism is to cut out any items considered harmful to the wellbeing of animals and the environment at large. Aside from avoiding animals as food, vegans also avoid using products crafted from animal parts, such as wool and leather clothing. Veganism is considered to be a significantly better and steadily growing way of life, so much so that companies are currently adjusting to incorporate this paradigm into their own practices and manufacturing processes. (More information can be found at veganism).

Although this lifestyle requires a lot of discipline, this is the best time to adopt this practice. A lot of vegan products, especially food, are now easier to find. Purchasing items that are “cruelty-free” means that those products aren’t tested on animals, nor do they have animal derivatives in them. So next time you want a new hair dye, consider going vegan!

Vegan hair care benefits and what to consider

Vegan-friendly hair care treatments are a lot more gentle on your hair relative to regular treatments. This is because vegan hair products contain natural ingredients.  Using vegan beauty and vegan hair products rids most people of any guilt from using non-vegan products. Additionally, these products achieve the same, if not better results relative to their regular counterparts! You should therefore expect to feel good both on the outside and on the inside.  Some of the best hair brands have already worked on practicing their corporate social responsibility (CSR) to the environment. They do so by offering products that are 100% cruelty-free and vegan. One example is our very own Shampoo is Betta! Vegan Hydrating Shampoo, which was a finalist for the 2019 Eco Excellence Awards.

CSR is an important step most businesses take to ensure their many young consumers are conscious about the origins of their products. When purchasing vegan hair care products, you should make sure that you check the labels before buying. You need to verify if it is indeed an EWG (Environmental Working Group) certified product. This indicates that it passes the standards from the Environmental Working Group!


Change the world by using vegan hair products

Every step taken towards the use of vegan products and the incorporation of a vegan lifestyle brings us closer to the goal of more sustainable living. Take care of yourself and animals by using vegan shampoos and conditioners, organic lip balms, and other natural products!

Lowen’s Natural Skincare is a family-owned company that deals with vegan beauty products and hair care products. Our background in the pharmaceutical industry empowers us to sell only the best EWG-certified products. Check out our website today and see how our products can help you glow!