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VEGAN SALT SCRUB - by Lowen's Natural Skin Care LOWENS.CA #canadiangreenbeauty #naturalskincare

Lowen’s Upcoming vegan Salt Scrub

Exfoliation is the key to soft, smooth and radiant looking skin, but most scrubs on the market today are packed with harmful additives and preservatives that make us think twice about using them on our body.

This is why we are so incredibly excited to announce that we are partnering up with Soma Hammam and Spa to create a natural, vegan salt scrub that will be free of harmful chemicals and instead be crafted with only the finest natural and sustainable ingredients.

We are determined to provide ours customer with a natural  vegan salt scrub that will leave your skin baby soft, safe for use for the whole family, and may perhaps transport you to a seaside paradise for those few moments in the shower when you scrub the days troubles away.

What’s in our Vegan Sea Salt Scrub

Canadian Harvested Sea Salt

Image courtesy of Vancouver Island Salt Company

It’s no secret that sea salt is fantastic for not only effectively removing dead skin cells, but for providing powerful detoxifying benefits for the skin as well. This is why sea salt was our number one choice for our exfoliant. However, we aren’t just talking about any sea salt, but rather pure, Canadian sea salt straight from the beautiful shores surrounding Vancouver Island.

We’ve partnered with and are sourcing our sea salt from the Vancouver Island Salt Company. Their salt is hand-harvested, sustainable, all natural, and of course – proudly Canadian!

Fair Trade Coconut Oil

Calnan’s Organics and Naturals Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has incredible skin benefits. High in rich fatty acids, coconut oil absorbs deep, leaving your skin deeply hydrated and oh-so-soft. You won’t even need moisturizer after your shower, it’s that moisturizing! The fatty acids also improve the health and appearance of your skin and coconut oil can even treat skin conditions such as eczema due to powerful anti-inflammatory properties.

Our coconut oil is sourced from Calnan’s Organics and Naturals Co. Their philosophy is sustainable, organic products sourced locally wherever possible:

“By purchasing locally produced products you are directly impacting your local economy. With a stronger local economy you are helping to insulate where you live from things that go on elsewhere in the world and you are actually contributing and improving where you live.”

Alberta Hemp Oil

Hemp Oil, sourced locally from Alberta, is the last addition to our all natural scrub. Hemp oil is jam-packed with essential fatty acids, namely omega-3 and omega-6. The addition of hemp oil provides you with an extra boost of anti-inflammatory and hydrating properties and hemp oil has been used to treat conditions such as psoriasis, acne and dermatitis.

As you can see, our vegan scrub is completely organic, free from all harmful preservatives and safe for use for the whole family! We can’t wait until you can try it for yourself!

In the meantime, indulge in a Hammam Spa Treatment At Soma! – Located in the new Marriott Hotel in Seton.

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