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Why Stretch Marks are No Match For Cocoa Butter Lotion

Stretch marks are a major source of body negativity and can instill low confidence in most people. I like to think of them as a glass-half-empty-half-full situation. If we adopt this paradigm, then we can associate the more positive half-full paradigm with life accomplishments such as weight loss or childbirth for instance. Regardless, beauty is a major aspect of our society and the desire to hide these marks is perfectly understandable.

Cocoa butter has been known to significantly improve the appearance of stretch marks, and it has many benefits that you may be unaware of. Using natural vegan skincare products like Lowen’s very own Caf-A-Ok Lotion affords you the benefit of a delicious chocolate and coffee scent while lightening those stretch marks at the same time!


What Causes Stretch Marks?


Knowing what stretch marks are and what causes them can help you understand why cocoa butter works effectively at treating them. While their shape and size vary, stretch marks are generally long, narrow streaks on the skin’s surface. They are typically raised or flat and can be either red or white. 


This tends to happen to skin that stretches too quickly or excessively. The marks result from the skin’s tendency to protect itself by tearing in the middle layer (the dermis). Since this layer of the skin affects the topmost layer (epidermis), stretch marks become visible. 


Although it seems like they appear suddenly, stretch marks actually take a very long time to form. This gives people a great opportunity to address the earlier symptoms of stretch marks before they become more obvious. 


Fortunately, stretch marks can fade over time, although some may take a number of years to do so. 


Why Do Stretch Marks Have a Long Healing Period?


Since these marks form in the skin’s dermis, it’s much more difficult to heal. On the other hand, scratches and scrapes only affect the epidermis. As such, these can heal much more quickly and require very little treatment to fade. 


The Magic of Cocoa Butter


Cocoa butter is an amazing natural ingredient that is derived from the beans of the cocoa tree in Central and South America. The fat from this plant is extracted without the use of harmful solvents or hexane so that it retains its characteristic smell and color. 


What’s great about cocoa butter is that it can be absorbed into the skin’s dermis (middle layer). It’s rich in vitamin A, which is a natural anti-aging component, vitamin E, which is a powerful antioxidant, and stearic acid to protect your skin’s moisture barrier. 


Cocoa butter is interesting in texture, starting off quite hard and then melting into your skin. It’s a great experience applying this impressive ingredient because it smells just like chocolate! 


Cocoa Butter and Effectiveness on Stretch Marks


As the cocoa butter sinks into the dermis, it helps your skin retain much more moisture. It softens the skin layers to help prevent stretch marks from appearing and healing skin that has already been pulled and stretched. It increases your skin’s elasticity, allowing it to bounce back into shape more easily than skin that doesn’t utilize this ingredient. 


Pregnant women and people who have gone through significant weight loss may find cocoa butter body lotion rubs quite effective for them.




Stretch marks can make you feel self-conscious—and it’s perfectly okay to want to improve your overall appearance by lightening them! With cocoa butter’s vitamins and hydrating properties, it can soften and smoothen the skin to return to its normal state more quickly. It’s also a fantastic moisturizer for the body with its rich nutrient profile. You can say goodbye to stretch marks, and hello to beautifully soft and moisturized skin with this wonderful all-over body butter!


Here at Lowen’s Natural Skincare, we proudly provide our customers with unconventional, unrefined, and locally-sourced ingredients. We believe natural skincare is the best way to treat and pamper yourself. Choose from our selection of balms, lotions, cleansers, and creams to have beautiful, healthy skin!