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Lowen's luscious Lip Balm

Why Switch to Organic Lip Balm?

Why switch to organic lip balm? You have probably heard a lot of good things about eating organic food. Besides being more nutritious and easier to digest, organic options are made without pesticides and synthetic chemicals (see fertilizer). So if choosing natural, non-genetically modified ingredients for your meal is better, why not apply the same thinking to your lips?


Make the switch to organic lip balm. The ingredients of the products that you put on your skin are absorbed into your bloodstream. It is just like any food that passes through your digestive system. When you want to avoid harmful chemicals, you can be more conscious of the lip balm you use, especially ones you apply often.


We use many skincare products each day, and many of us tend to ignore the products and focus instead on the results they promise. As fall comes around, lip balm is a product that many of us will apply liberally each day to soothe dry and chapped lips. This is especially true for the folks up here in Canada! However, you may not realize that with every swipe of the stick, you expose yourself to a daily dose of artificial coloring, preservatives, and plastic by-products.  Yuck!


If you want a better way to soothe blistered lips,  switch to an organic and all-natural lip product. Need a few quick reasons ?


1. No Animals Harmed!


Quality organic lip care products are made of safe, naturally-occurring ingredients like beeswax, fruit extracts, and unrefined vegetable-based oils. At Lowen’s we don’t use animal derived ingredients or test on animals in any way. You can help put a stop the beauty industry’s cruelty towards helpless animals by choosing vegan and natural merchandise as well as vetting companies through agencies like EWG and PETA


2. Kinder to the Environment


Organic lip balm ingredients are derived from natural sources and extracted from non-genetically modified plants. These include seeds, fruits, herbs, and nuts. Organic lip balms do not use petrochemicals refined from petroleum, taken from drilling deep into the Earth. The raw ingredients of conventional lip balms are harmful to your body and the environment as well. 


3. Chemical Free!


Manufacturers often use preservatives to prolong the shelf life and potency of conventional lip products. Synthetic examples of these materials include parabens and butylated hydroxytoluene, which, when ingested, can cause disruptions in endocrine function resulting in hormone imbalances and metabolic disorders. They can even lead to developmental delays, fertility problems and cancer in extreme cases. Expectant mothers should avoid artificial skincare, which can cause congenital disabilities in their unborn babies.


4. More Nutritious


It sounds funny to think of getting nutrition from a beauty product, but your skin is an organ too, and it metabolizes anything you put on it. When wearing lip balm, you also ingest part of the product as you lick your lips, eat, and drink. Try a coconut oil or flax seed-based balm with antibacterial and antioxidant properties that can replenish what your lips are lacking and give yourself a nutritional boost. 


The next time you pick up a skincare product, take the time to read the label. Be wary of the ingredients, especially when it comes to lip balm, which you will apply and consume. When you need to soothe your skin, you might as well choose a healthier product that is good for you and the environment as well.


Do you want to switch to organic and cruelty-free lip balm? We make natural skincare products from safe, cruelty free and tested on willing humans. Browse our website to shop for your Earth-friendly options today. We have a ton of fun flavours to choose from like Classic Lime Margarita Lip BalmIced Gingerbread and Punkin Pie