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Vegan Lip Balms Because

Why All-Natural Vegan Lip Balms Are Better For Your Lips

Why All-Natural, Vegan Lip Balms Are Better For Your Lips


Harsh weather often results in chapped lips. The condition of your lips can quickly draw people’s eyes. Well-moisturized lips help to make your smile look fuller and more natural. Whether you’re puckering up or headed out to face the day, a good vegan lip balm can do wonders for your lips.


At Lowens, we commit to making 100% cruelty-free and natural lip balms that will keep your lips healthy and happy. You no longer have to worry about chapped lips regardless of what the weather is like outside.


Here are the reasons to buy a vegan lip balm today. 



You won’t be using harmful chemicals


Regular lip balms are full of toxic chemicals that help make them look, smell, and act in a particular manner. You may experience irritation or more serious side effects from toxic chemicals such as parabens, alcohol, petroleum, and propylene glycol. These toxic chemicals may not show their results immediately. However, over repeated use of such products, you could be doing more harm than good for your lips. 


By using a vegan lip balm, you won’t have to worry about such toxic chemicals. Natural ingredients like Shea butter, essential oils, cocoa butter, and other ingredients make up the constituents of vegan lip balms. The natural ingredients in vegan lip balms work much better on your lips and protect you from the harmful side effects of regular lip balms. 


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Choosing vegan is healthier for your lips


This is a no-brainer considering the point mentioned above about how they make use of natural ingredients. The ingredients typically used in vegan lip balms are high in antioxidants. They also work at deeper levels of your skin to better nourish your lips. They also tend to be high in vitamins A, E, and C, which means that your lips will look a lot younger. The ingredients in vegan lip balms help to moisturize and uplift damaged lips. They also serve as a protective barrier for your lips and prevent further damage. By using a vegan lip balm, you will also protect your lips from sun damage when you go out.      


You can retain the suppleness of your lips and protect them as you age with a good vegan lip balm from our range of products


You will be protecting the planet


With climate change being a serious issue all of us need to tackle today, it’s becoming even more important to consume consciously. Companies like Lowens that make vegan lip balms also engage in sustainable practices when it comes to how products come into being.


Regular lip balms are created with a lot of environmentally destructive practices or ingredients. Whether it is an animal ingredient or an ingredient like petroleum which is procured by drilling, regular lip balms aren’t the best for the environment.


Environmental factors are put at the forefront when preparing vegan products. These are perfect for conscious consumers trying to make more eco-friendly choices in their daily lives.  More and more companies these days are encouraging environmentally-conscious choices for both their consumers and with their company values. At Lowens we strive hard to reduce our carbon footprint since our inception. 


You won’t harm any animals for your vegan lip balm


Regular lip balms often contain animal ingredients or are tested on animals. Maiming, blinding, and killing animals just so that the lip balms you want to use can be tested is common. Experiments on animals are extremely cruel and need to stop. When you enter a store to buy a regular lip balm, you may not know if it contains animal ingredients or is the result of animal experimentation.


Certified vegan lip balms ensure you’re not paying for animal-tested products. It also ensures no animal ingredients are used such as beeswax or lanolin.  Knowing this can relieve you of any guilt and give you more reason to smile.  


We don’t just have lip balm.

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