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Clay Mask Routine

Clay Masks Benefits to Your Skincare Routine

If you’re currently dealing with problematic skin, remember that you’re not alone. Thousands of men and women also have the same problem as you, and they’re all struggling to develop a skincare routine that works for them.


For those hanging onto an array of products to combat acne, dry or oily skin, and enlarged pores, it’s time to upgrade your skincare routine and introduce a clay mask. Aside from being made of various minerals, this product can eliminate the impurities that lead to the flaws on your skin.


Clay masks help target the leading cause behind acne and treat its symptoms to prevent further skin issues. If you still aren’t convinced of the wonders of using a clay mask, keep reading below to find out why they’re the next best thing to complete your beauty routine.  


What are Clay Masks?


Clay masks have long been used even before experts learned to consider them suitable for skincare. Back in the early days, people used clay to heal wounds, relieve inflammation, and purify their skin. The Ancient Egyptians even went as far as mixing clay with olive oil to create soaps to make their skin soft and cleanse their complexion.


Today, one applies a clay mask on their face or body to absorb dirt, exfoliate dead skin, and provide astringent properties to keep skin clean, pores tight, and excess oil at bay. It’s the main element in plenty of spas and skin clinics where they apply detoxifying body wraps and exfoliating face masks, such as the Swamp Thing Clay Mask.


Reasons to Use Clay Face Masks


You can find plenty of natural skin care products today that incorporate clay as their main ingredient because it helps prevent breakouts. Besides that, there are various ways a clay face mask can do wonders to your skin and improve your complexion. Clay masks can draw out pore-clogging impurities from dirt and oil, work wonders on acne and work as a calming presence to relieve stress.  More reasons for clay face masks from dermatology experts are:  


It Keeps the Natural Balance of Your Skin

Balance of your skin

People who have long been dealing with acne breakouts know that the common reason behind them is the excessive oil production of their skin. The sebum that makes its way to the surface of your skin can end up in your pores—and once mixed in with dead skin and bacteria, it results in a breakout!


If you think drying your face out with strong skincare products is necessary, that isn’t exactly the solution to fighting your natural oil production. In fact, your skin needs oil to stay healthy, soft, and moisturized. When you apply a clay mask, it works to absorb excess oil from your skin’s outer layers without stripping off its hydration, therefore balancing your complexion. 


It Helps Eliminate Imperfections


You can consider a clay mask as natural skincare treatments that work to gather your skin impurities, including toxins and bacteria, to strip them off your pores effectively. Since acne comes from having blocked pores, the mask helps detoxify your skin and remove excess sebum from its surface.


For those with acne-prone and oily skin, you can rely on a clay mask to get rid of the congestion building up in your pores. As a result, not only do you get rid of your dead skin cells, but your pores tend to tighten over time, preventing the buildup of toxins from occurring again.




Adding a clay mask to your current skincare routine is the secret to fighting acne, controlling your oil production, keeping your pores free from toxins, and allowing your skin to breathe. It maintains the natural balance of your complexion and helps eliminate imperfections, leaving you with hydrated and softer-looking skin.


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