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Free CAN/US Shipping on Orders > $50 


I want it now, and I want it delivered...

Where do you ship?

Lowen’s to North American locations only.

How much is Shipping?

For orders originating in North America, Lowen’s covers the cost of shipping on orders greater than or equal to $50.00 before taxes. Orders less than $50.00 ship for a flat fee of $5.00 to US, $10.00 to Canadian and for International destinations, you can select different shipping options through the Canada Post app integrated into our site.

Who do you ship with?

The friendly folks at Canada Post.  For our customers in the lower 48, your trusty United States Postal Services takes over shipping when your order crosses the border.

What shipping options are there for Canadians?

Within Canada, whether you choose flat rate shipping or have us pay, your package is shipped Canada Post Expedited Parcel. This means that once received, Canada Post will get your order into your hot little hands usually within 3-7 business days once shipped.

Why the variance, well it all depends on how close your location is to Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The further away you are from us, the longer it takes. If you want your order quicker, you can opt for Express Post and get your order in as little as two business days or Priority Post, which offers next day service, but it’ll cost ya.

These shipping options are available in the drop down menu but the default settings are flat rate or free shipping.

What shipping options are there for Americans?

For US bound orders, whether you choose flat rate shipping or have us pay (“free shipping”), your package is shipped via the United States Postal Service. This comes complete with tracking and should get to you within 2-5 business days within the Continental US once USPS receives your package at their depot in Sweet Grass Montana.  We ship US bound orders to our US warehouse once weekly on Fridays, so orders made on the following Saturday will ship on the subsequent Friday.  This method is less expensive, more reliable and faster than selecting Canada Post shipping to the US.

What shipping options are there for International Orders?

We currently do not ship internationally

Why is it more expensive to ship Canadian orders? (aren’t you a Canadian company?)

Great question. This frustrates us as well.

To start, please also know that we do not make money on shipping.

At best, this is a revenue neutral service but most often, we sacrifice margins on our sales to supplement the costs associated with shipping.  For instance, we charge $10 for domestic shipping Canada wide on orders less than $50, while it costs, on average, $20 to ship to Toronto and up to $30 to ship to St. Johns if we look East and $17 to ship to Victoria in the West.

Unfortunately for us here in Canada, the cost to ship via Canada Post is disproportionately greater than it costs us to courier packages to Montana and use United States Postal Service (USPS).  Even with the lower Canadian Dollar.  Furthermore, USPS delivers packages faster with more reliable tracking as we have had numerous challenges with tracking orders shipped via Canada Post once they cross the border.  We have reached out to Canada Post on several occasions to no avail.  One day our hope is that our Canadian Crown Corporation becomes a but more competitive in the international marketplace.

Where the hell is my order?

Oh man. Yeah, we hate that feeling of anticipation. Then comes the questioning, then the anxiety. Did they ship it? Are they ripping me off? I haven’t ordered from them before… This sucks!

Don’t feel that way? Maybe it’s us.

Anyhow, all orders receive tracking and you will get your tracking information once your order is queued up to ship.  Now, your package may not have the full tracking information when you receive your first notice and this is because Canada Post/USPS have not yet inputted your shipment into their system.  For Canadian orders, give it a day or two and for US bound orders, these are shipped out every Wednesday so your tracking data may take a little time.

In Canada, you can track your order directly at Canada Post using the number we provided you here. For our friends to the south, you can use plug your tracking number on their site here.

What about customs, duties, brokerage, blood typing, my inseam size?

Shipping through Canada Post/USPS, you should not incur any extra charges but please check with your customs agency if you have any uncertainty. (We have shipped a lot of packages and if there were extra charges, believe us, we’d hear about it.)

My package looks beat up and the contents are (cracked, broken, spilled)…

Unfortunately the mail service (Canada Post/USPS) is less than gentle on our shipments.  If your order is in a bad state, please email us at to let us know as soon as you receive it and include a photo of the package and any damage to the items. We will promptly reply and work with you to remedy the situation.