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Paper Hearts Handmade – a crafty assortment for everyone’s tastes

Paper Hearts Handmade has a crafty assortment for everyone’s tastes “I’ve always been a creative person,” says Rachel Lyon, founder of Paper Hearts Handmade, a purveyor of eclectic accessories, home goods and stationary, and friend of Lowen’s Skincare. It started five years ago as a creative outlet for Rachel to do after work, and making…
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Blue Bottle Pharmacy the Home Base for Inner City Health in Calgary

Blue Bottle Pharmacy the Home Base for Inner City Health in Calgary Back when Mark Percy was working in hospital pharmacies -- practicing in the clinical areas of internal medicine and the medical teaching units in complex care, – he noticed significant “gaps in care” and saw another opportunity for his pharmaceutical skills to be…
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Family business bringing Joy and Vitality to Southeast Calgary

Family business bringing Joy and Vitality to Southeast Calgary When Eugenia Knyazheva was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis at just six years old and feeling failed by the medical system, it sent the lives of herself and her family on a whole new trajectory towards holistic healing. In June, Eugenia opened a new wellness facility –…
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Exfoliate -  Why Natural Coffee Scrubs Are Better For You Facial and body scrubs are some of the most popular skin care products on the market as many people have rediscovered the benefits of regular skin exfoliation. If you want fresh, glowing skin, forget about microdermabrasion, chemical peels, laser surgery, or any other expensive beauty treatments…
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Making Calgary a leader in Fair Trade

Making Calgary a leader in Fair Trade Fair Trade Calgary believes that our city is capable of being a leader in the movement to support ethical procurement. This local not-for-profit is on a mission to make Calgary the next Fair Trade Town in Canada. Fair Trade Town is a designation administered by Fair Trade organizations…
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100 Mile Living

100 Mile Living creates a “search engine” for finding local products near you The “100-Mile Diet,” sourcing your food from within a 100-mile radius, has been a popular movement among the locally-minded for the past decade. Medea Curteanu and Natalie Moreno decided to take it one step further by creating 100 Mile Living, an online…
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Skin and Stress

Skin and Stress Signs of Stress in Your Skin and How to Relieve It Stress is an ongoing trial that each person experiences regardless of their age, gender, or profession. For most, the effects of stress go unnoticed both inside of a person’s body and outside of it. This may be because they are so…
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Crowfoot Medicine Shoppe proudly supports local

Crowfoot Medicine Shoppe proudly supports local Given Lowen’s founder Chad Zelensky’s pharmaceutical background, it’s not surprising that many of the company’s early retailers were pharmacists. Crowfoot Medicine Shoppe is one that remains today. Randy Howden, owner, connected with Zelensky through mutual friends in 2010. Zelensky had been looking for retailers to stock his products, and…
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The Old Crow Tattoo Parlour

The Old Crow - New tattoo parlour in YYC gives creative space to artists and makers alike It’s taken Cody Rawlinson two years out of his nine-year career in the tattoo industry to open his dream tattoo shop -- The Old Crow Tattoo Parlour. “I wanted to open a tattoo shop that was different, more…
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Free Infant CPR

Bump and Baby Matters offers free infant CPR While many parents and caregivers are CPR-certified, infant CPR isn’t always covered. Bump and Baby Matters was born out of the desire to provide this life-saving education for free. “It started as a way to give back to the community. I thought it would be valuable to…
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