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Social Media Policy

Lowen’s takes pride in being a relatable brand and we are very passionate about what we do as a family-owned, natural skincare company. We believe in honest, open communication and you are encouraged to tell people about our work and speak to our shared values via social media.

The dynamic forms of communication today; however, are changing the way we communicate with our audience (customers, partners, suppliers, the public, government organizations).  To direct social media communication, this policy provides practical direction for you as an employee or contractor (“employee”) when posting on social media as a representative of Lowen’s or on one of our corporate accounts.

  1. Employees must not comment on work-related matters unless they are acting as an official spokesperson for Lowen’s and have the approval from management. When posting to accounts not owned/operated by the brand on behalf of the company, employees are required to identify themselves in the first person (e.g., “I” rather than “we”) and identify themselves and to make clear that they are not speaking on behalf of Lowen’s by posting the following disclaimer:
      • “The postings on this site are my own and may not necessarily represent the strategy, opinions, or position of Lowen’s.”
  2. Employees are responsible for the content they publish and to remember that everything on social media is assumed to exist in perpetuity. This includes original content, updates, responding to comments, corrections, and redactions. If an employee posts false information, she or he must immediately notify management and, if agreed upon after this discussion, be the first to correct the information.
  3. Employees must not post anything that could be interpreted as negatively impacting the Lowen’s brand. Personal insults, obscenities, ethnic slurs, defamation, topics that are, or may be considered in questionable taste or inflammatory, or content that does not align with Lowen’s values and mission are not permitted.
  4. Employees are required to adhere to privacy legislation for personal and business information. Company information designated as “for internal use only” is not shared on social media without prior authorization from management. Discussion or posting online about revenues, future products, pricing decisions, future performance or similar matters are prohibited. Employees must not post about past, current, or future clients, partners, or suppliers without their expressed approval and that of management.
  5. Employees are required to comply with copyright laws, including obtaining permission before using material that is not the employee’s own.
  6. When posting to their own social media platforms employees are to ensure that account profiles and past posts/content are consistent with Lowen’s mission and values. If uncertain, they are to address with management.
  7. Unless otherwise indicated in their role/duties, social media activities must not compete with an employee’s core work.