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diaper rash

3 Smart Ways to Quickly Treat Your Baby’s Diaper Rash

A new parent wants to make sure their baby is comfortable. However, first-time parents soon find out that knowing how their baby feels is easier said than done. Babies cry, and when they do, it can mean anything from “Mommy, I’m hungry.” to “Ouch!” 

It can also mean that they may be suffering from a diaper rash. Given that 50 percent of babies will suffer from this at least once, having a good diaper rash cream or balm handy is a good practice.

Why Does Diaper Rash Happen?

No matter how careful parents may be, diaper rash can still develop on their watch. Although diaper rash is not a matter to be taken lightly, it is entirely treatable. It pays to know the common types of diaper rash and how to treat them. You may also want to look into buying good-quality rash products, such as Lowen’s Bum Balm.

Here is a list of the common causes of diaper rash.

1 – Diapers

Diapers are great at catching waste and keeping it from getting all over your baby’s crib or clothes. But sometimes, if a baby goes too long without a diaper change, a diaper rash can develop. One way to prevent this is to make sure you change your baby’s diaper before it gets too full or wet. 


2 – Allergens Or Irritants

A diaper rash can also be caused by an irritant or something your baby is allergic to. It may be a chemical in the wipes you use to clean them, a particular material in their diaper, or something else entirely. A rash caused by an irritant or allergen typically has a reddish color. The skin around it is likely irritated. If this type of rash occurs, it is crucial to find out what caused it. Otherwise, it will just keep coming back. 


Treating A Diaper Rash

Having an organic product, like Lowen’s Bum Balm Blues, will help you get rid of your baby’s rash quickly. Along with using a diaper rash balm, here are other ways to treat this irritation: 


1 – Keep The Rash Away From Direct Sunlight

Some pediatricians recommend sunbathing your baby, especially if they have other conditions such as jaundice. However, exposing their diaper rash to direct sunlight is not a good idea. The UV rays in the sunlight can cause further dryness on the rash and irritate it more. If you want to sunbathe your baby and have them get their daily dose of vitamin D, make sure that the rash is covered when you do so.


2 – Be Gentle On The Affected Area

It may be instinctive to rub or massage the affected area to soothe your baby, but that may cause them more pain. You may not intend to, but touching the area may aggravate the situation further. It is best to apply the diaper rash cream gently and leave the rash to heal.


3 – Use Gentle Baby Wash When You Bathe Them

Use a gentle baby wash whenever you bathe your baby. Ensure that it does not contain many chemicals that can irritate the skin on your baby’s bottom. Otherwise, it can make the rash worse or prevent it from healing



If your baby develops a rash, don’t panic! Keep in mind that rashes sometimes occur no matter how careful you might be. The key is to determine what caused your baby’s diaper rash and find the best treatment for it.

Using wipes that do not contain any parabens, chemicals, and alcohol is a good idea, as these will help you avoid further irritating your baby’s skin. Sometimes, just using water and natural wipes to clean the area is good until the rash clears up. Next, you need to find a rash cream that will suit your baby’s needs. Lowen’s Bum Balm Blues will get the job done for you.

For more information about the causes of diaper rash and when to see a doctor please consult the website mayo clinic or see your doctor if problems persist.

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