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Are you Using A Vegan Shampoo

Are You Using A Vegan Shampoo?

When it comes to hair care, you just can’t compromise. Hair will exposed to dust and other pollutants every day. Exposure to the sun, dust, and other pollutants makes hair dirty and can lead to damage over time. Using a good vegan shampoo and conditioner is necessary if you want to keep your hair clean and healthy.



As a consumer, you may already know the importance of washing and conditioning your hair regularly to keep it clean. You definitely already use hair care products to achieve this, but the real question is: are you using a vegan shampoo for your hair?



If you aren’t already, here are some good reasons to switch your regular shampoo with a vegan shampoo and experience its benefits.



A vegan shampoo is good for you



There are several reasons why a vegan shampoo is better for you and the health of your hair. For starters, they are usually made with natural, organic ingredients and don’t contain any synthetic chemicals or toxic ingredients. Many regular shampoos contain sodium lauryl sulphate, parabens, ammonium lauryl sulphate, and other harsh chemicals that can damage hair follicles. Vegan shampoos protect your hair from damage by these toxic chemicals. They are especially good for people who have sensitive skin and, therefore, may face allergic reactions, itching, and other irritation.



Not only do these products prevent exposure to harmful chemicals, but they also contain ingredients that can nourish your hair. Many of them make use of coconut oil or other plant-based oils to nourish hair follicles. These ingredients can effectively tackle dandruff and other scalp issues to promote healthy hair growth. The natural ingredients are especially good if you suffer from hair loss and want to see a difference.



Many of them are also fortified with essential oils that do more than just nourish the hair. Essential oils increase relaxation and can provide relief from stress. This will help you deal with the troubles of daily living a lot better.


A vegan shampoo is good for the environment



Every time you wash your hair with a non-vegan shampoo, you’re adding to the burden on the environment. Several popular shampoos in the market make use of harmful chemicals and toxic compounds. They may do the job of cleaning your hair momentarily, but the run-off from these exits the drain of your bathroom and add to the toxic chemicals in the atmosphere.



Because a vegan shampoo typically utilizes natural, biodegradable ingredients, it is less damaging to the earth’s land and water resources. They also tend to be more holistic and come in sustainable packaging. This means that such shampoos generate less waste and are eco-friendly in nature.



A vegan shampoo is good for the animals



The non-vegan shampoos in the market today either make use of animal ingredients or are tested on animals. Shocked about animal ingredients being used for shampoos? It’s true! Most consumers don’t realize it when they walk into a store to buy a product.



Animals are also subjected to cruel experiments for many shampoos. Usually they take rats, dogs, cats rabbits, and monkeys to carry out experiments in research labs. Before doing experiments on them they maim, injure, and blind them. Moreover, they don’t even protect these animals while doing experiments on them.



By choosing to use a vegan shampoo, you are going to be making a statement against animal cruelty. Vegan shampoo and Cruelty-Free shampoo don’t use any animal ingredients and we do not test them on animals. You will feel a lot better using such a product and spare animals in the process.