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Farm to Skin BLOG POST by Lowen's Natural Skin Care LOWENS.CA #canadiangreenbeauty #naturalskincare

Farm to Face

We’re assuming we are all familiar with the phrase “from farm to table”, yes? If however we’re making an ass out of you and me, the concept of farm to table is the concept of securing wholesome and fresh ingredients from local farm sdelivered straight to your plate. The farm to table notion has brought a modern and revolutionary twist, influencing where restaurants get ingredients from and reflects new values consumers are placing on the relationship they have to the food they place between their chompers.

OK, since we’re all on the same page, we’ll tell you more about the concept of farm to face. Similar to farm to table, farm to face is focused on using locally produced ingredients in manufacturing skincare products. If you are a Lowen’s skincare fan or have even glanced at our homepage, it’s no secret our manufacturing processes follow the farm to face paradigm. We believe farm to face means using fresh, pure and unrefined ingredients in our skincare products which then get put on your beautiful face. Rooted in farming, land conservation and clean manufacturing, farm to face means you are getting fresh and local natural skincare products, best able to make your skin the healthiest it can be, all the while reducing our carbon footprint and supporting local producers to boot!.

Now, let’s talk skin care. Consumers are becoming more aware of what they want to put onto their skin and desire healthy ingredients in their cosmetic products. Gone is the myth (at least we hope) that plants have little to offer and only lab derived pharmaceutical-grade ingredients are good enough. Before chemical conglomerates ruled the world (yes , we’re looking at you Monsanto), mother nature ran the show.  In terms of the real impact on your skin, you see it all the time in the media – buy product X for “healthy-looking skin. They’ve got it all wrong – it’s about healthy skin…period!  Healthy skin IS healthy looking and there is a big difference. Farm to face fosters inner health that is then reflected externally.  So, ask yourself “how healthy is my skin actually”

Many in vogue ingredients are harvested half a world away, are then shipped to and processed in some toxin belching factory before they finally get to the distributor, then on to the reseller, then finally to skincare company and then to you.  How many miles did that jojoba and agran oil travel before it got into your product, how long did this take, under what conditions was this ‘miracle’ ingredient stored? Is it fresh? No! Is it processed? Hell Yes! Does it make a difference? You bet, especially in terms of effectiveness and more so in the the carbon footprint that one little ingredient made. In contrast, our non-GMO, cold pressed Canola Oil comes less than 100 km away, is hella fresh and I know the people that harvest, cold-press and sell it. Pretty clean and transparent from end to end we think 

As the Lowen’s brand continues to flourish we want to be synonymous with farm to face. Lowen’s mission is to continue to expand our use of locally sourced, certified organic, non-GMO and fair trade ingredients (as if you haven’t noticed). We are a company you can trust will bring products that are fresh, pure and you guessed it…local! We bring the farm to you…well not actually the whole farm but the best parts of it – you get what we mean. And as we like to say, we’re are as exotic as your own backyard…and we’re damn proud of it!!


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