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Lowen’s Natural Skincare – Why We Are EWG Verified

Lowen’s Natural Skincare – Why we are EWG Verified

Our company has been built on the foundation that our products are unique, effective and most importantly safe. As part of the Lowen’s commitment to product safety, we have received a new North American designation that speaks to our commitment to product safety. We are thrilled to announce that Lowen’s is now EWG Verified! Plus to top it off Lowen’s is one of only six personal care companies in Canada to achieve this designation – pretty cool right?! But what’s this EWG mean? Let’s break it down for you! EWG stands for the ‘Environmental Working Group and is a non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to protecting human health and the environment. As its mission to empower people to live healthier lives in a healthier environment, the EWG is built on ground-breaking research to drive consumer choice and civic action. EWG aims to educate and empower consumers to make safe and well informed decisions concerning the products they buy and the companies they support.

EWG Verified and Skin Deep work together together. Skin Deep is an educational tool for consumers which rates ingredients in personal care products. EWG Verified goes beyond ingredient label and takes into consideration other strict criteria and allowing the best of the best companies to be recognized for their commitment to safe cosmetics. When a product becomes ‘verified’ it is allowed to use the EWG Verified™ mark, a tool to help drive transparency in the cosmetic market place. In order to become ‘verified’, we had to provide copious amounts of documentation to confirm we met the strict criteria of the program.  As such, our products now proudly display the EWG VERIFIED™ mark next to them in the Skin Deep database, which showcases even more detailed information about our products- bringing full disclosure to you, the consumer, in an easy to read rating system.

With regard to being EWG Verified, the program goes beyond ingredient labels by taking into account other important criteria and offering the EWG VERIFIED™ mark for those products that meet the highest standards. The criteria includes health standards such as:

  1. Products can not contain any ingredients on EWG’s unacceptable list, meaning ingredients with health, ecotoxicity and/or contamination concerns
  2. Products must meet the ingredient restrictions on EWG’s restricted list
  3. Products must follow standard ingredient naming guidelines and disclose all ingredients on the label
  4. Product manufacturers must develop and follow current good manufacturing practices and score a green in EWG’s Skin Deep database

By purchasing a product with the EWG VERIFIED™ mark on it you can count on that the product is has passed the most stringent evaluation and earned the highest rating available from EWG. At Lowen’s, we have always expressed the importance of safe cosmetics, and our participating in the EWG Verified program is  just another way to show to you that Lowen’s ongoing commitment to your health!



Lowen’s Natural Skincare is a family-owned and operated business located at the foot of the rocky mountains in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Our origins are rooted in the creation of affordable safe and effective hypoallergenic skincare products for the whole family. Utilizing locally sourced, certified organic, Non-GMO and fair trade ingredients. Our product line up is exceptionally long-lasting and effective for everyday use as well as for serious skin conditions like severe dry skin, rash, eczema and psoriasis.

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