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Image is for the Vegan Shampoo

3 Benefits Of Choosing A Vegan Shampoo

Going vegan has become a modern umbrella term, now encompassing a variety of lifestyles. Introducing our latest skincare gab: 3 Benefits Of Choosing A Vegan Shampoo. Most people associate veganism with quitting meat and cheese, but there’s more to it…

Bubbles Cleansers and Toners BLOG POST - Happy Customer Reviews - Lowen's Natural Skin Care LOWENS.CA #canadiangreenbeauty #naturalskincare

Bubbles and cleansers and toners, oh my!

Lowen’s Skincare has come a long way since the inception of Bum Balm back in 2010. We’re excited to share with you these four new products to the lineup: Bubble Paste - Simple Vegan Foaming Madness: This blood orange-scented concoction…

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