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The Delectable Skincare Wonders Of Grapeseed Oil

The Delectable Skincare Wonders of Grapeseed Oil

The Delectable Skincare Wonders of Grapeseed Oil


Watch out, rosehip and tea tree; there’s a new beauty oil being sworn into the House of Skincare—it’s grapeseed oil! Extracted from—you guessed it—wine grape seeds. Grapeseed is lightweight and non-comedogenic, a godsend for most sensitive skin types. If you’re acne-prone or dealing with an unwanted plethora of skincare concerns, here’s everything you need to know about your new favourite natural skincare product.


What is Grapeseed Oil?


In essence, grapeseed oil is a byproduct of winemaking, cold-pressed to serve cosmetic purposes. Because cold-pressed oils aren’t heated, distilled, or processed, they retain more significant active potential. As such, they keep their antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial properties intact. 


Rich in omega fatty acids and vitamin E, it’s no wonder grapeseed is becoming a hard-to-beat contender within the beauty industry. 


The Benefits of Grapeseed Oil


Thanks to its combination of lush, soothing ingredients, grapeseed oil is perfect for: 

  • Managing Acne

Chock-full of linoleic acid and omega-6, grapeseed oil unclogs the pores and thinning sticky sebum, allowing acne-prone skin to breathe. Its anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial qualities make it an excellent safeguard against breakouts and acne scarring. 


Use grapeseed oil as a carrier oil for tea tree, another key player in your fight against cystic or seasonal breakouts. 

  • Protecting Against Free Radicals

Look deep into the atomic structure of grapeseed oil, and you’ll find vitamins C and E and proanthocyanidin, which can battle UV-induced free radical damage on the skin. Thanks to its ability to undo skin pollution, grapeseed lovers end up with smooth and firm skin—plus added protection against skin cancer. 

  • Moisturizing and Balancing the Skin

Fatty acids reduce transepidermal water loss, a process by which the skin loses moisture due to evaporation. This reduction fortifies the skin barrier while the vitamin E in your grapeseed butter balm is off replenishing lipids.   


If you’re oily, don’t worry—the moisture boost helps slow the oil production that occurs when your skin thinks it’s too dry. 

  • Reducing Inflammation

The skin’s top and middle layers are most prone to inflammation, something linoleic acid is a pro at eliminating. Phytosterols in grapeseed help control the skin’s inflammatory response, making it a handy ingredient for those who suffer from eczema and rosacea.


For moms with toddlers, a little rub of Bum Balm with grapeseed on your tot’s backside will calm that persistent diaper rash!

  • Minimizing Lines and Wrinkles

Step aside, fatty acids. Polyphenols are taking the lead on this one. Reverse the effects of premature ageing with these micronutrients that combat sun spots, fine lines, and wrinkles. Its natural astringent properties also tighten and firm the skin—almost like ageing backwards! 




If you’ve given up against the consequences of dry and acne-prone skin, don’t wave your white flag until you give grapeseed oil a try. Hailed by board-certified dermatologists, a little bit of grapeseed in your routine can make all the difference in combating stubborn spots. 


At Lowen’s, we love grapeseed and ensure that you can get your hands—and skin—on natural, vegan skincare products that are chock-full of this beneficial ingredient! All our goodies are sensibly sourced and cruelty-free—perfect for the beauty enthusiast with love for nature. 

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