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Vegan Coconut Based Hair Products

Vegan Coconut Based Hair Products

Vegan Coconut Based Hair Products


It’s hard to find the right hair care products that can offer you all the benefits that you need to maintain healthy and beautiful hair. While difficult, it’s barely impossible; in fact, there are many cruelty-free vegan products that contain healing properties, allowing your hair to heal through excessive damage.


While vegan shampoos and conditioners may contain fewer ingredients than other generic products, they still offer all the benefits you’re looking for—and then some! They have added advantages of being a sustainable alternative that’s good for the environment and your health.


With Lowen’s Natural Skincare, you can guarantee significant results from cruelty-free, eco-friendly skincare and hair care products made from locally-sourced ingredients. If you want to know the benefits of choosing vegan coconut-based shampoo and conditioner, then keep reading below.


It Can Repair Damaged Hair


Having a lifestyle that includes constant hairstyle changes is a truly exciting one. As fun as it may be, constant colouring and bleaching can cause excessive hair damage! Getting a regular makeover can result in dry and flawed hair, with the occurrence of split ends.


Using a vegan shampoo and conditioner, like ours at Lowen’s, can help prevent your hair from breaking down and healing it back to its natural state. Our formula contains coconut, which can nurture and enrich your hair to eliminate the effects of blow-drying and hair colouring.


It Can Treat Hair Loss


People experience hair loss all the time, but its severity will depend on how you take care of your hair. The best thing you can do to combat it is by keeping it nourished and adequately maintained. 


Hi quality vegan shampoos and conditioners should contain lauric acid,  medium-chain fatty acids and unsaturated essential fatty acids—which are nutrients derived from the coconut and other cold pressed vegetable oils! These help keep your hair firm and boost its regenerative abilities, serving as a remedy for your hair fall problems!


It Can Stimulate Hair Growth


For people experiencing hair thinning and balding, coconut-based hair care products can help solve your troubles.  They can even help you achieve longer and thicker hair. You won’t even need to undergo a hair transplant to get the results you want!


Using hair care products with coconut as the key ingredient offers the vital nutrients required to keep your hair follicles sustained and healthy. Once your hair has acquired the right sustenance, it will learn to grow faster than ever before.


It Can Make Hair Resilient


While a person’s hair is naturally strong, it will depend on the kind of products you use and hair services to maintain its resilience. Not taking good care of your hair will lead it to become weak and damaged over time.


If you choose to use vegan hair care products religiously, your hair will become strong and long-lasting. These are even better if infused with coconut, as it contains vitamin K and vitamin E—both of which are necessary to keep your hair follicles healthy. 


It Can Help Eliminate Dandruff


Coconut oil is a natural ingredient used to combat dandruff and prevent dry scalp and itching. Vegan coconut-based products offer the same results and help prevent dandruff effectively due to its formula.


Products that contain coconut have organic elements that offer antimicrobial and antifungal solutions, helping your hair and scalp recover from abuse. It’s essential to apply the products to your entire head and wash it thoroughly to get the best results!




Choosing to make a conscious decision to use natural hair care products is a big step towards living a mindful lifestyle. Switching to a vegan shampoo and conditioner can help repair your damaged hair, treat hair loss, stimulate hair growth, make hair resilient, and eliminate dandruff. When it comes to purchasing hair products, it’s essential to support a vegan shampoo brand that you know you can trust!


If you’re looking for vegan shampoo brands, then Lowen’s Natural Skincare is the one you’re looking for! We are a family-owned skincare company that caters to various natural products, including balms, lotions, cleansers, scrubs, and creams. Check out our website today to find the best product for your needs!