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Biodegradable shampoo

What is Biodegradable Shampoo?

Biodegradable shampoo and biodegradable soap are products with minimal to no adverse environmental impacts as opposed to their generic counterparts. Most shampoos and soaps are made with antibacterial ingredients that extend their shelf life but wreak havoc on the environment…

oods to eat for healthy skin

Best foods to eat for healthy skin

A good and healthy skin is a result. It’s a culmination of various factors such as diet, good sleep, exercise, natural skincare products and a healthy state of mind. In this article we are going to focus on one of…


Choosing Sea Salt Scrubs

Choosing Sea Salt Scrubs The use of salt is definitely not our genius idea, but choosing sea salt scrubs is something we know all about at Lowen's. Salt in our daily lives dates back thousands of years, used mainly in…

Grapeseed Oil

The Amazing Skincare Benefits of Grapeseed Oil

The Amazing Skincare Wonders of Grapeseed Oil   Guess what? Grapeseed oil is the latest essential oil in the skincare family making waves. Watch out rosehip and tea tree, there’s a new product in town. Extracted from (you guessed it)…

Get Buff - Exfoliating Routine Lowens

Exfoliating Here’s Why You Should Start Right Now

Exfoliating is something many people skip when doing their daily skincare routine. However, this isn’t just an extra step that can be neglected when washing your face—it’s an essential component of basic hygiene and health.  Skin cells turn over much…

the truth behind vegan beauty

The Truth Behind Vegan Beauty

The Truth Behind Vegan Beauty and Why You Should Make the Switch Carnivorous eaters will typically associate veganism with dietary restrictions and abrasive PETA campaigns. Yet, there is more to the lifestyle than plant-based meals and far less anti-leather picketing…

Vitamin E

What Vitamin E Really Does for Your Skin

Seeing as you’ve come to this article, you’re most likely looking for ways to care for your skin better. You may want to bring life back to your complexion, regain moisture in your face, or treat certain issues. Aside from…

Lowens Beeswax Benefits

Top 4 Fantastic Beauty Benefits You Get From Beeswax

In the past, beeswax was only used for candles and furniture; throughout the years, people have discovered the wonderful benefits of this organic product. Because it is a natural ingredient, many beauty products, such as body lotion rubs, lipsticks, and…

Lowen's commitment to sourcing local!

Lowen’s commitment to sourcing local

Lowen’s is humble, let's talk about Lowen's commitment to sourcing local! What started as a need to find safer, effective diaper rash. Turned into a company that values the environment and people. But what sets Lowen's apart from other companies…