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Lowen's commitment to sourcing local!

Lowen’s commitment to sourcing local

Lowen’s is humble, let’s talk about Lowen’s commitment to sourcing local! What started as a need to find safer, effective diaper rash. Turned into a company that values the environment and people. But what sets Lowen’s apart from other companies is a commitment to using the safest, socially conscious and environmentally friendly ingredients. Always searching high and low for the best skin food to make your favorite products even better. Plus, play a part to help local economies and local businesses.

How We Source Local

From lip balms, shampoos, and scrubs!  Find here ties to the our local, loyal community!

  • Canola Oil

First, let’s start with the product that started it all- Bum Balm Blues (the reason we started making skin care!) An innovative oil sourced from Highwood Crossing Foods located near High River, Alberta. This farm (started in 1899) has been awarded many distinctions for it’s sustainable, green farming methods. And yes- most of our balms and lip balms include canola oil from Highwood Crossing Foods.

  • Beeswax and Honey

All lip balms are made from sweet beeswax! Sourced from ABC Bees located in Alberta, Canada. Beyond wax, ABC Bees love educating all about the vital role bees play in our food system and world as a whole. ABC Bees also partners with local organizations to share their beekeeping skills. Proud to include ABC Bees honey in: Bee Local Lip Balm + Smooth Criminal Shave Balm.

Finally, we also source beeswax from the Alberta Honey Producers for use in: Rub It In, Why Don’t Ya! + Butter Balm + Bum Balm Blues

Our hemp seed oil is largely sourced from True North Cannabis whose office is located in downtown Calgary, Alberta. Some of our other products use hemp seed oil from True North Cannabis as well such as Shampoo is Betta, Get Buff just to name a couple.

  • Hydresia

What the heck is hydresia? Many never heard of this plant product (or its benefits) before. So yea, hydresia comes from the safflower plant. Bonus, safflower plants don’t require much water to grow. Plus, it’s a non-GMO, renewable crop! A great emulsifier in skincare products, it helps meld active ingredients together. In conclusion, hydresia used by Lowen’s comes from Botaneco. Of course yes, Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta!

Lowen’s products that contain local Hydresia include:

  1. Shampoo is Betta!
  2. You Sure Clean Up Nice!
  3. Get Buff!
  4. Conditioner Is Betta!
  5. Get Toned!
  6. Smooth Criminal

Finally, for all the deets on this plant- visit the Botaneco website.

  • Camelina oil camelina oil is sourced from The Three Farmers (great for cooking & on skin too!) Just as the name suggests is a trio of farmers based out of Saskatchewan. Consider them some of the best producers of healthy, sustainable snacks. But healthy too for all!

Try their chickpeas and pea pops too! To clarify, yes it’s in our skincare but where? In Lowen’s- Rub It In, Why Don’t Ya! + Bum Balm Blues & Funky Cold Camelina lip balm

So, does sea salt conjure up visions of the ocean, beach or breathing in fresh air? Definitely same thing for us! However much we love the ocean, we also love sea salt from Van Isle Salt Co. Located on Vancouver Island, Canada. So where can you score this salt in our products?:

  1. You Sure Clean Up Nice
  2. Salted Caramel Coffee lip balm
  3. Salt of the Earth Exfoliating salt scrub

Finally, a few other honorable mentions for sourcing local are United Graphics, who produce our labels,  Inktubate packaging is located in Leduc, Alberta who manufacture our new Bebe Boxes. Also, the geniuses at Local Propeller who keep our website running smooth and looking fly who are located out of Calgary.


So, there ya have it-  our commitment to people, the planet, and local businesses is unwavering. Above all, thanks for checking out Lowen’s Committment to Sourcing Local Ingredients! However you wanna spin it, supporting local RULES! After that song and dance, we off to take a bubble bath lol!



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