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Our Commitment To Sourcing Local!

Our commitment to sourcing local!

Hi everyone!

As some of you know, Lowen’s is a small, local company with humble beginnings. What started as a need to find a safer, more effective diaper rash product turned into a company that values the environment and people, above all else. What sets us apart from a lot of other companies is our commitment to using only the gentlest, safest, socially conscious and environmentally friendly ingredients in all of our products. Another cornerstone of Lowen’s is sourcing local ingredients for our products whenever possible. A lot of these ingredients are things that you might not even think about when using your favourite lip balm or shampoo, but have no fear! We are always searching high and low for the best local ingredients to make your favourite products even better, while doing our part to help the local economy and our fellow local businesses.

So, how (and where) do we source local?

From our lip balm to our shampoo to our salt scrub, most of our products have local ties to the community.

Canola Oil

Let’s start with the product that started it all. Bum Balm Blues is how Lowen’s conceptually began. This innovative product uses canola oil that is sourced from Highwood Crossing Foods which is located near High River, Alberta. This farm (which started out in 1899) has been awarded many distinctions having to do with it’s sustainable, green farming methods. Most of our balms and lip balms include canola oil from Highwood Crossing.

Beeswax and Honey

Our lip balms have a fun background story. They were born out of a batch of bum balm that didn’t turn out quite right. We quickly learned that even though it wouldn’t work as bum balm as intended, the recipe made a perfect lip balm! All of our lip balms are made from beeswax that is sourced from ABC Bees which is located right here in Alberta. ABC Bees aims to educate the public about the vital role that bees play in not only our food systems, but in our world as a whole. A lot of the things (flowers, plants, foods) that we see every day would not exist without the help of bees. ABC Bees also partners with other local organizations to educate about bees and they are the only educators for those looking to learn beekeeping skills. ABC Bees also supplies the honey for our Bee Local lip balm, and also the Smooth Criminal shave balm. We also source beeswax from the Alberta Honey Producers for use in our products such as:

  1. Rub It In, Why Don’t Ya,
  2. Butter Balm,
  3. Bum Balm Blues.

Hemp Seed Oil

Our hemp seed oil is largely sourced from True North Cannabis whose office is located in downtown Calgary, Alberta. Some of our other products use hemp seed oil from True North Cannabis as well such as Shampoo is Betta, Get Buff just to name a couple.


You’re most likely asking yourself, what the heck is hydresia? You are not alone! Many people have never heard of this plant product (or its benefits) before. Hydresia comes from the safflower plant, and it is made from the oil that this plant produces. The safflower plant doesn’t require a lot of water to grow and it is a non-GMO, renewable crop. The oil of this plant is used as an emulsifier and it helps bring out the active ingredient in skin care products. It can also help extend shelf-life. You can find a TON more information on Hydresia in this article. The hydresia that Lowen’s sources comes from a company called Botaneco which is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta. Some of our products that include hydresia are as follows.

  1. Shampoo is Betta
  2. You Sure Clean Up Nice
  3. Get Buff
  4. Conditioner Is Betta
  5. Get Toned
  6. Smooth Criminal

For more information on hydresia, please visit the Botaneco website.

Camelina oil

Camelina oil can be used both in cooking and in skin/health care products. We source our camelina oil from The Three Farmers, which, just as the name suggests is a trio of farmers based out of Saskatchewan. They produce healthy, sustainable snacks such as chickpeas and Pea Pops but they also harvest camelina oil. The Three Farmers company was even on CBC’s Dragon’s Den pitching their camelina oil! Lowen’s sources our camelina oil from The Three Farmers and this oil is used in our products such as Rub It In, Why Don’t Ya, Bum Balm Blues and Cold Camelina lip balm.

Sea Salt

Do the words sea salt conjure up visions of the ocean, or walking along a beach, breathing in that fresh ocean air? Same with us! We love the ocean and we love locally and sustainably sourcing our sea salt from Van Isle Salt Co, which is located on Vancouver Island. Our products that use Van Isle Salt Co. sea salt are as follows.

  1. You Sure Clean Up Nice
  2. Salted Caramel Coffee lip balm
  3. Salt scrub

As you can see, we are all about sourcing local wherever possible for a myriad of our products. If it’s not local, you can be guaranteed that it is ethically sourced with the planet and the people producing the ingredients in mind. We believe in supporting the local economy and supporting local businesses!

A few other honourable mentions for sourcing local are those who produce our labels, packaging (Inktubate packaging is located in Leduc, Alberta) and the geniuses who keep our website running smooth and looking fly who are located out of Calgary.

There ya have it! Our commitment to people, the planet, local businesses and especially to bringing you safe and effective products is unwavering.

Happy (almost) fall, Lowen’s supporters!


Kelsey Ferrill

Kelsey graduated from SAIT in 2015 with her journalism diploma, and more recently from the University of Calgary (June 2019) with her Bachelor of Communications. She is passionate about social issues such as advocating for those with disabilities/differences and has pursued a myriad of advocacy campaigns. She has appeared in Chatelaine magazine and on local media. Next up, catch her in a new series on CBC called You Can't Ask That, which is online (CBC Gem) now and airing nationally in January 2020!

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